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Product review: Biotique Bio Kaajal

An economically priced kajal. But does it keep its promise?

Written by Sandhya Raghavan |Published : May 24, 2017 1:29 PM IST

Long ago, when push up eyeliner sticks, and kohl pencils by high-end cosmetic brands were out of my college-going budget, I used to depend on locally-made kajal sticks that were not only inexpensive but also had a good colour pay off. But today, I have been spoilt silly by the expensive brands, so I never went back to the good old kajal sticks of yore.

Since the past one year, I have been a big fan of Lotus Ecostay Kajal since. I had already worn my last one down to a stub and was looking forward to buying a new one. But unfortunately, at the cosmetic store, the saleswoman told me that they had just sold the last piece to another customer. I visited a few more stores, but no luck.

At one of the shops, I noticed an old-fashioned kajal stick in a twist up plastic pack. It was at the Biotique counter. I have always liked Biotique products, so thought I d give this one a try.

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The packaging

The kajal comes in a bubble pack. It says on the cover that it has a 12-hour smudge protection and is water proof. Like the other Biotique products, the kajal also claims to have been made of 100% botanical extracts.

The ingredients

According to the ingredient list on the cover, the kajal comprises 10% almond oil, 2% behra fruit, 1% harar fruit, 2% amla fruit, 2% mulethi root, 2% camphor oil, 5% anjan powder and 5% kajal powder, all in an ointment base. The company, however, doesn t reveal the composition of the base on its cover.

The price

A 3gm pack is priced economically at Rs 109.

The Review

The twist up pack is easy to use, much like a lipstick. The case is black in colour and is made of sturdy plastic. On application, the kajal spreads easily and has a good creamy texture. But how does it hold up against smudging? I d say that you might as well apply the kajal directly under your eyes instead of your waterline. Just an hour after application, it started spreading and smudging. So much for its 12-hour smudge free promise!

The verdict

A big NO! At the moment, I am wondering what to do with the pack. I know for a fact that no girl would want a kajal that spreads in no time. So, stay away! Meanwhile, I have resumed my search for the elusive Lotus Ecostay.

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