Product review: BeYu Beauty Queen Volume Waterproof Mascara

If you are looking for a 10 hour long lasting mascara, this is what you must pick.

I don't use Mascara every day but when I do, I prefer something that makes my eyelashes look voluminous and not just dark. I don't have dense eyelashes and I am not a fan of using fake ones. So investing in a high-quality mascara is the best option for me. I heard about a European cosmetic brand BeYu and its monsoon special range. I picked up the waterproof eyeliner and mascara both. The best part about BeYu products is that they are simple in application but the effect is breathtakingly beautiful. So here's my review of the BeYu Beauty Queen Volume Waterproof Mascara:

If you like me, want your makeup to last after a fun dip in the swimming pool or at the beach, or just want eye make-up that doesn't fade for 12-14 hours, this is the brand you can rely on. The packing is sturdy but I am not very happy with the shape of the bottle. The aqua blue colour helps it stand out among the other products and easy to be spotted from the other bottles or products I have. The brush is thick and sturdy again and the bristles are dense giving proper coverage while wearing the mascara.

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I have tried quite a few brands before but have never felt so satisfied after applying mascara as after this one. The mascara is thick but not clumpy and spreads as smoothly as butter. It coats each lash just perfectly to make it look dense and dark. The final effect was like I had got a pair of fake eyelashes that were customized for me. Here are 5 tips for applying perfect and long-lasting mascara.

It's dark black in colour, not watery and dries up immediately. Even when I applied it on the lower lash, it didn't leave any spots or marks on the area around it. Just like the BeYu eyeliner, the mascara is super long-lasting. Since it is from the monsoon special range of BeYu, it is super waterproof. I stepped outside in the rain, splashed some water in my eyes and even slept with it for few hours. But the effect lasted for an entire day i.e almost 15 hours. My eyelashes looked as dark and voluminous as they did in the morning. I was surprised to see that it didn't fade at all.

I used chilled milk mixed with a little moisturiser to remove it since I was unable to find my makeup remover. Here's the review for my favourite makeup remover. You can even try these natural ways to remove makeup.

The product is slightly expensive but if you don't apply mascara every day, it may last you for a good 4-5 months and hence it is worth the investment considering it is safe for sensitive skin its long lasting effect. The 10ml mascara costs Rs1050 which might sound steep but wait till you see its effects.

I am surely buying this one again after a few months.

Image Source: BeYu

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