Product Review: BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-in Cream

Here's all that you need to know about BBlunt's leave-in cream that claims to tame frizzy hair despite the weather..

Now that summer is here, the one thing most women dread is the increase in humidity levels which is directly responsible for frizzy and unmanageable hair. Regardless of whether it is summer or not, my hair is constantly super frizzy and wavy and during these hot summer days, it also gets tangled very easily. I decided I should take matters in my own hands and invest in a good product to control the frizz. After looking for leave-in conditioners options that are available in India, I stumbled across B-Blunt s climate control anti-frizz leave-in cream.

A 150 g bottle costs around Rs. 383 and it can easily be ordered online and also be found in most beauty stores. The ingredients consist of quinoa with eight essential amino acids and provitamin B5 and the bottle is black in colour and very stylish looking with a distinct structure, so I decided to invest in it. Also, as compared to other leave-in conditioners available in India by L Oreal and Shwartzkopf, among other such brands, the BBlunt leave-in cream is also the most affordable. You could also make your own leave-in conditioners at home.

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It s been a week since I started using the BBlunt leave-in cream. I was extremely excited to give it a try because it has good reviews on Amazon and Flipkart as well. The bottle has a pump on the top and the cream is white with a slightly thick consistency. The instructions on the bottle stated that it should be used on towel dried hair and spread evenly from your hair ends to mid-length. When I first tried to use the pump, it almost came off and needed to be adjusted and pumped repeatedly before it started working normally. These are the 5 everyday ingredients that make excellent hair conditioners.

My Review

I thought the pump was not very convenient to use but once I got used to it, thankfully there were no more malfunctions. I was surprised to see that despite the cream s consistency, it is not heavy and doesn t weigh your hair down in any way. It is quite effective in detangling your hair and it did reduce the frizz, but only for an hour or so. After two to three hours, the frizz was back and so was the roughness in my hair. It does the job, but only very temporarily. I guess while claiming that it can get rid of frizz, they forgot about how brutal Indian summers can be to one s hair! You could also try this DIY natural leave-in conditioner.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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Image Source: BBlunt website

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