Poll: Who has the most attractive eyes in Bollywood?

Most beautiful eyes in BollywoodEyes are often described as one's most attractive features and many would agree that it is a person's eyes that they first fall in love with. If this holds true, it is important to take good care of them. They let you see visions extraordinaire, they let you express your emotions be it love, seduction, sadness, happiness, anger or innocence they are a window to how we are feeling at a given time and often give away our thoughts.

Here are some eye care tips

Taking good care of eyes is not only simple but cost-effective as well. If you have puffy eyes, then keep used teabags on them. Cool them in the fridge before you put them on your eyes.

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If your eyes feel tired after looking at the computer or TV screen, then cut cucumber slices and place it on them. This is very relaxing. You can also cup your eyes with your palms every hour for a minute in-between work.

Wear sunglasses when you step out to protect them from dust, sun, etc.

If you want to enhance your eyes and draw attention to them, then use a liner and eye shadow for it. Cat-eye make-up is also in vogue so draw out the line a little longer than the ends of your eyelids to make them more dramatic. Mascara and lash curler are also useful in making your eyes look more prominent.

Our Bollywood beauties too have conveyed various emotions with their eyes. While they may wear contact lenses to suit the needs of the roles they portray onscreen, there are many who have naturally beautiful eyes which emote and dazzle us.

Who according to you has the most beautiful eyes in Bollywood?

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya_RaiAn obvious contender of this title by many! Ash is known for her expressive 'cat eyes' that speak a thousand emotions.

Bipasha Basu

bipasha-basuThis Bong bombshell is known for her beautiful fish-like eyes which she uses well to exude her sex appeal.

Celina Jaitly

celina_jaitlyShe may not have made a mark as an actress but her eyes are one of her most appealing features for her fans.


kajolShe is known as one of the most expressive actresses in the industry and certainly her eyes do most of the talking. Her big, brown eyes always have a gleam in them making her acting believable and natural.

Kareena Kapoor

kareena-kapoorSize zero or not, her sea-green eyes do captivate the attention of millions whether she is shaking a leg to Halkat Jawani, or enticing the audience in Muskaane Jhooti Hain.

Konkona Sen Sharma

konkonaIn a short span, Konkona won 2 National Awards for her acting. Put her on screen and she dazzles in any role, bringing the character to life. Her eyes speak volumes and emote a million emotions at once.

Rani Mukherjee

rani-mukherjeeAnother Bengali beauty with eyes that capture your heart. Rani's hazel eyes are one of her best features. Even without make-up, they don't fail to mesmerise her fans.


rekhaIf there is one actress who can seduce with her eyes, it is definitely Rekha. Her age has only made her more appealing with time.

Sonakshi Sinha

sonakshi sinhaEven while sharing screen space with Bollywood biggies like Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar, she managed to woo many hearts with her performance and many find her eyes the most endearing and expressive in B-Town.

Vidya Balan

vidya balanThe Parineeta poster was enough to melt the hearts of millions who fell in love with her beauty even without seeing her act. She personifies Indian beauty and her eyes give an enigmatic appeal to her personality.

So vote for your favourite now!

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