Pedicure during monsoon - 6 things you should know

A pedicure is a strict no-no during monsoon as it puts you at risk of infection. Read to know more.

If you think that getting a pedicure during monsoons is the best thing you can do to keep your feet healthy and infection-free then you might be wrong. This is because going to a spa and getting a pedicure during rains can, in fact, increase your risk of infection if not done with proper hygiene, explains Dr Kirti Sabnis, Infectious Disease Physician, Fortis Hospital, Mulund & Kalyan. Here are simple tips for healthy feet during monsoon. A pedicure is a strict no-no during monsoon.However, if you are planning to get one then here are few things you should consider.

1. It is best to avoid going for spa treatments because during monsoon it becomes difficult to maintain hygiene levels, even in the best spas. More so, it is the best time for the bacteria to multiply as the atmosphere is humid and cold. If you are planning to go for one, then ensure that the instruments used are sterilised and cleaned with disinfectants to prevent the risk of infections. But do follow these manicure-pedicure dos and don ts without fail!

2.If you have a doubt about the hygiene and sanitation at the spa, it is best to carry your own set of equipment for the pedicure. This not only lowers your risk of infections but also helps you to get things done on time and not wait for someone to finish.

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3. Another important thing to keep in mind while getting a pedicure during monsoons is not to remove the cuticle of the nail. This is because nail cuticle acts as a protecting shield from the infection and removing it makes the feet more prone to infection as the skin is directly exposed to the bacteria or fungus.

4. Do not go for fish pedicures during rains as it involves contact with the water for a long time. Also, the risk of infection is very high.

5. Make sure you do not scrub your feet too much at a spa, as excessive exfoliation of the skin as the skin is highly sensitive and anything done in excess can harm the skin and put you at risk of infection.

6. Avoid going outdoors or getting a spa treatment if you have open wounds. This is because, if you have fresh wounds or cracks, going out or getting a spa treatment can cause accumulation of the dirt. It also increases the chances of bacteria seeping in which can then get infected. However, you can take care of your feet at home with these expert tips!

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