Onion Juice Might Not Be As Good For Your Hair As You Think

Onion Juice Might Not Be As Good For Your Hair As You Think

Onions are better suited for your food but maybe not so much for your scalp!

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : September 1, 2022 10:23 AM IST

DIY beauty hacks have become very prevalent ever since the COVID induced lockdowns began. Because of lockdowns, all beauty salons were closed for months and this led people to take matters of hair care and skin care into their own hands. One of the most popular and trending hacks for hair care was applying onion juice on the scalp and hair. A lot of these DIY hacks are rooted in Indian ayurvedic treatments and remedies. The therapy of applying onion juice is also an ayurvedic practice that has been proven to have a lot of benefits.

Onion juice is very loaded with anti-inflammatory agents, anti-oxidants and Sulphur. In theory, it has been proven very beneficial for promoting hair growth, reducing hair fall and improving hair shine. Ironically, the high Sulphur content can also be quite irritating for your scalp too! Here's what experts have to say about using this tear-jerker for your hair woes.

Benefits of Onion Juice

Here are the benefits that you should know about.

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  • Onion has nutrients providing benefits of antioxidants and antimicrobial action on hair. It has been proven that people have had improvement in hair texture, dandruff and hair loss after using this remedy.
  • A key component in onion juice is keratin. They are the building blocks of hair and helps speed up cell regeneration and hair growth.

However, these claims made by experts have not been backed scientifically, especially relating to hair fall. There are few studies which have shown improvements even in cases pertaining to alopecia.

Onion Juice Is Not Always Good For Hair

When you apply onion juice in your scalp, it acts as an irritant. It will improve blood circulation but only temporarily. If you apply any product that could irritate your skin, it will increase the blood circulation. But then, this can also leave a sensation of itchiness, burning or even rashes after usage. This will do more harm than good and could increase your hair fall. Other concerns such as hair loss, dandruff and hair thinning need to be investigated and diagnosed by a certified dermatologist. If not rinsed properly, it can lead to irritation and hyper sensitivity. Excess of onion juice absorbs natural moisture and oils from the scalp, which can lead to a dry scalp. Plus, since it has an unpleasant odor, people tend to shampoo more to remove it, resulting in an increase in dryness.

Onion juice isn't advisable for people who are prone to allergies, psoriasis or eczema, and using it excessively multiple times a week can sensitize the scalp and aggravate hair loss. A more holistic approach to take care of your hair and scalp would yield better results this includes a well balanced diet, proper hydration and sleep, supplements and a regimented hair care routine based on your hair type. That is the ideal way to maintain hair and scalp health.