Neem -- a home remedy for beautiful skin

Try these natural neem packs to get glowing skin.

Homemade neem face pack for glowing skin

Neem is a miracle plant. Grown in cooler climates of India, this herbal remedy can provide natural relief for a variety of skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, dry skin, pimples and blackheads.

Neem has antiseptic properties which help clear pimples. The plant contains quercetin, an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial flavanoid that reducse acne by destroying the bacteria present in clogged pores.

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Applying neem regularly to the face will help in diminishing the lines and wrinkles associated with ageing. This is because neem contains vitamins C and E both of which are known to be vital for natural firmness of the skin.

Neem is also an excellent moisturiser rich in emollients and fatty acids. The emollients present soothe the dry, cracked and damaged skin. Neem leaves have regenerative properties to help the skin fight pathogens below the skin surface. It not only helps make the skin supple but also to remove the dead cells from the outer layer of the skin.

Here's how you can make neem face packs at home:

To get rid of pimples: Boil about 20 neem leaves in half a litre of water till the leaves become soft and the water turns green. Strain and store the liquid in a bottle. Use this as a toner by dipping a cotton-ball into it and wiping your face with it. Regular usage will help in clearing acne, pigmentation and blackheads.

Face pack for glowing skin: To prepare the pack, cut a few neem leaves and boil with small segments of orange peel. Add a spoon each of yoghurt, honey and soy milk to make a paste. This pack can help get rid of acne, dry up whiteheads, reduce blackheads and make large pores less visible.

Remedy for pigmentation and blemishes: Mix 1 tsp of neem powder with 1 tsp of sandalwood powder. Now add a spoonful of rose water to make a fine paste. Apply this paste evenly on the face and let it dry. Rinse with cold water. Read more on home remedies for beautiful skin here.

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