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Most Common Hair And Skin Problems Faced By Women

Most Common Hair And Skin Problems Faced By Women

Most typical skin ad hair issues females encounter today from a dermatologist's perspective.

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : April 7, 2023 11:31 AM IST

Women are more likely to suffer from pigmentary abnormalities, specific hair issues, and autoimmune and allergic reactions. In addition, they experience various skin and hair issues due to their menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, etc. Dr DM Mahajan, senior consultant, Dermatology, Indraprastha Apollo hospitals, shares that in the presence of these medical conditions, women tend to face various hair and skin problems which are common in nature:

Skin Problems Include:

  1. Rosacea: This persistent skin condition recurs after periods of fading. Relapses can be brought on by spiciness in food, consumption of alcohol, solar radiation, tension, and Helicobacter pylori, an intestinal bacterium. Some expected consequences include flushing on the face, redness and bumps and dryness and itchiness in the skin.
  2. Acne: Acne frequently appears on the face, upper back, neck and other body areas. Skin breakouts include redness, clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads, zits, painful or deep cysts and nodules. Without adequate care, this condition could darken the skin or leave scars.
  3. Athlete's foot: Due to their continuous exposure to sweat and airborne dust particles, feet are more vulnerable to fungal infections than other body parts. Athletes' foot is characterised by redness, itching, and cracked skin on the feet and in the spaces between the toes.
  4. Eczema: Yellow or white flaky and scaly patches on the eczematous skin are its hallmark. Areas affected might feel greasy or oily, or itchy. Eczema can result in a red rash or strange-coloured rash on different people.
  5. Sunburns: Sunburn is another common but dangerous problem that women face. Due to the sensitivity of women's skin, the sun's harsh UV rays quickly cause damage and burn the skin.
  6. Hyperpigmentation: Hyperpigmentation occurs when the skin produces an abnormally large amount of melanin, resulting in dark spots and uneven skin tone.
  7. Dry skin: Dry skin is a common skin condition in which the skin requires hydration and moisture, possibly causing the skin to feel harsh, tight, and scratchy.
  8. Wrinkles: Due to ageing, women's skin loses elasticity and collagen, giving rise to facial wrinkles and fine lines.
  9. Dull skin: Lack of proper scrubbing and exfoliation on the surface gives rise to dull and pale skin.

Some Common Hair Problems Include:

  1. Damaged and broken hair: The outer layer of damaged hair becomes brittle and develops cracks. Additionally, it might be challenging to manage and appear lifeless and frizzy. It can be caused by excessive hair loss while shampooing, combing, and heat exposure. Hair damage also results from split ends that are dry, fragile, and frayed ends of hair.
  2. Premature Greying: Early onset of greying of the hair is referred to as premature greying. Numerous things, such as stress, genes, smoking, and other medical conditions, can contribute to it.
  3. Dandruff: A common scalp ailment recognised as dandruff is associated with the formation of flaky, dead skin on the scalp and hair. It can be caused by skin dryness or oiliness.
  4. Hair loss: Several factors, including hormonal fluctuations, emotional burnouts, genetic factors, and other particular medical conditions, can contribute to hair loss in women.


Treatment for these issues may include medication, lifestyle modification, or topical creams and lotions, depending on the severity of the problem. In some cases, consultation with a dermatologist or other healthcare provider may be required to identify and mitigate the condition properly.

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