Monsoon hair tips: Expert tips to tame frizzy hair

Do you have curly locks and fear frizzy hair in monsoon? Ashima Kumar shares tips to keep frizzy hair at bay this monsoon.

Is it difficult for you to manage your tresses during monsoon? The high level of humidity during the rainy season makes the hair frizzy, and girls with curly hair struggle even more to control the frizz. If you live in a highly humid place and are struggling to make your hair behave, follow these tips by Ashima Kumar, Education Manager, Kerastase.

  1. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, apply antioxidantive creams or serums on your hair. This is the easiest way to protect your hair during monsoon and it is not time-consuming even. You can try these home remedies to manage curly dry hair.
  2. Go for a pleasant elixir oil massage every weekend or twice a week to keep your hair gorgeous and silky-smooth. You can also go for a good professional hair mask treatment, suggested by your hair stylist according to your hair type, to nourish your brittle hair.
  3. Maintain a healthy scalp by shampooing your hair twice a week. The humidity during monsoon is a thriving condition for bacteria and fungi growth. This makes you feel itchy all the time and may also lead to dandruff.
  4. A good conditioner is your best friend during monsoon. Condition your hair regularly to keep it silky and frizz-free. See how to naturally deep condition your hair at home.
  5. Dry your hair before you leave the house to protect your hair from damage. Don t tie or comb your hair when wet.
  6. Go for products that will help you protect your hair from drying and retaining. Consult your hair stylist or a dermatologist to know what kind of products will suit your hair type.

Read these different hair care tips for different hair types.

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