Male grooming: What are beard balms and who should use it?

Want to sport an awesome beard? Start using beard balms now!

Over the last few years, male grooming has received a lot of attention. The new age man is conscious of his looks and hygiene. He obviously does not mind spending some moolah on grooming products and there is nothing girly about a man buying body lotion, conditioners, sunscreen and getting manicure and pedicure done.

Also, since beards are the latest trend, a lot of products have been introduced for boosting beard growth and enhancing the quality of hair. Here are some tips to trim beard the right way. Beard balms is one such product. Usually made from shea butter and carrier oils, the balm help in softening the hair, boosting hair growth and moisturising the skin. You can also try these home remedies to grow your beard faster. Pooja Savla, Creative Director and Hair expert at MyGlamm, which provides beauty services at your doorstep gives us more information on beard balms and why you must use them:

How does beard balm help?

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Though it may go unnoticed but a beard balm has many benefits. To start with, it helps tame the facial hair and gives it a neat look. It helps in moisturizing your face with a good scent. It not only softens the beard but also gives it a shine. One can style better and get the desired beard shape with no hassles at all. Some beard balms are also a healthier option than the gel or sprays as it reduces itchiness, dryness and beard dandruff. Try these tips to style beard the right way.

Who must not use a beard balm?

People with thin facial hair growth must avoid this. As the balm acts like a conditioner, it will make the hair look more thin and scanty. Also, if you are going to be outdoors for more than 8 hours or when playing a sport, avoid applying the balm as it tends to wear off and become sticky. Wondering what works better shaving foams or shaving gel?

Beard balms may be an expensive product but they are definitely worth the investment if you are conscious about your beard just like your hairstyle. Do you know the traits of a well groomed man?

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