Making the big switch – chemical to organic make-up

Organic make-up is chemical free, mild to the skin and doesn't test on animals. Make-up expert Hifza Kazi tells us why should we switch to organic make-up.

Most of us perceive organic make-up as an expensive and niche aspect of beauty. We may be keen to even switch from our regular chemical based make-up products to organic make-up, but little do we know about the basics and the benefits that such make-up can offer. Celebrity and professional make-up artist and hairstylist, Hifza Kazi explains the differences, the good and the bad and what we should keep in mind while switching to organic make-up.

The basics

Organic cosmetics are created from ingredients which have been certified organic by one of the numerous certifying institutions that operate worldwide. Organic cosmetics are produced from the best natural components of plants and flowers that do not result in skin irritation at all, as compared to most chemical based cosmetics. As much as 60% of a topical skin-care product is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream.

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This make organic cosmetics a much safer option, as most organic makeup contains no artificial colours, fragrances or harmful preservatives, no toxic chemicals, no parabens, no phalates, no animal testing.

The good:

  1. Natural and organic cosmetics contain organic vegetable oils and organic essential oils. Vegetable oil is rich in active substances, essential fatty acids, vitamins which have a natural feel and texture and thus have a moisturizing effect on the skin.
  2. Organic cosmetics do not contaminate the environment or cause pollution. Such make-up ensures skincare along with being environmentally responsible.
  3. It is better to use organic products on a daily basis especially for your skincare and hair care regimes as there is little chance of harsh reactions. It does away with experiments on animals and promotes fair trade etc.
  4. People with skin conditions and other medical requirements should in fact opt for organic products as they are natural & safer than their synthetic counterparts. To be on the safe side, always test for allergies as certain products can react differently on some of us.

    In case of reactions, they subside very quickly as natural products are much safer than the chemical compounds.

The not so good:

  1. Sadly, the shelf life of organic beauty products is comparatively shorter, as they are free of preservatives and lead.
  2. They can get a little expensive as compared to regular drugstore cosmetic brands and are not all that easily available at stores. Though they are surely cheaper than the luxurious make-up brands.
  3. You might not be very happy with the options of colours available, as there are usually not too many.

International brands with organic make-up:

RMS Beauty is popular for its eye-shadows & mascara. They are well known for their lip & cheek tint, even their liquid eye liner is made with natural ingredients.

Vapour Organic Beauty is renowned for its foundations, bronzers, lipsticks etc. A lot of Hollywood celebrities use their products.

Organic make-up brands in India:

Soul Tree and Forest Essentials are great brands to look at in India. Forest Essentials has a great range of skincare and hair care products, though they are not into make-up completely.

Soultree s kajal is free of lead and soothes the eyes, not causing them to burn or itch. It is available in quite a few colours too. The lipsticks are also great. They contain no synthetic smell and have ghee instead. Thus, after you remove it, it doesn't dry your lips, in fact your lips are constantly hydrated & turn softer.

Application techniques for organic makeup:

There is no special application technique for using these products, but cream based products are slightly more difficult to blend onto the skin. However, with a few days of practice, it's pretty easy. It is best to carry the product for touch ups as they do not contain lead (lead makes the effects last longer) and fades after some time.

This however, is a better option to protect your skin and keep it healthy even as you age, rather than look pretty for a long duration in the day!

What you should look out for:

  1. Ideally one should look for the USDA Certification. It is an American Institution that regulates the labeling & standards for organic products.
  2. Most brands will list all the ingredients honestly which helps to avoid them in case of a certain allergy. For instance, if one is allergic to pollen, they should avoid products derived from flowers as this would trigger some unwanted reactions etc.
  3. Check the label and be wary of anything containing phthalates, perfluorinated chemicals: teflon, gore-tex, parabens or sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS).
  4. Always look out for the green leaping bunny logo. This signifies no animal testing. In addition, most brands clearly mention it on the product as well, so that it is easier to spot.
  5. With such a complete organic make-up guide, all your confusion and misconceptions would be cleared out. Apart from looking stunning with the use of such make-up, you would also be wearing make-up which is environmentally responsible.

Please note: our make-up expert does not endorse any product commercial service and the effectiveness of said product may vary among different individuals.

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