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Make your face appear slimmer with hair contouring!

Hair colour contouring, a colouring technique to soften or accentuate facial features, can make you look perfect.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Published : August 1, 2017 2:59 PM IST

Your hair surrounds your face, so the way you cut and colour your hair can change your appearance. Hair colour contouring, a colouring technique to soften or accentuate facial features can make you look perfect. Colour technicians work alongside stylists to create a colour formula that works perfectly with your haircut and face shape. Hair contouring is all about applying light hair colours and dark hair colours to certain parts of the hair, to create an illusion of a different face shape. Let us learn more about hair contouring from Mr Satishh Saraf, Founder and Director of Panache Salon & Academy.

Hair contouring suits everyone because this is a personalised hair colour application technique according to your face and hair type. In hair contouring, we use free hand colour application technique. It is a pretty intensive act, and one has to be clear about the ground rules and guidelines. Colour contouring may take around one to two hours to get the new dazzling look. Here's how to choose the right haircut according to your face shape.

How to enhance features of different face shapes

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Round faces: Round faces have strong bone structure, so you need to apply light tones of colour around the hairline, from ear to ear to elongates the face. Darker tones are rich, and you should use it near the the ears and the lower ends of the hair. This gives a pointed appearance to the face.

Triangular or heart-shaped faces: To create a more oval shape for an angular face use lighter highlights around the jaw line and ears. This softens the bottom of the face. The mixing of lighter tones with darker tones at the roots will give a more oval look.

Square faces: Square-shaped faces have wide facial features. These need to be softened and so lines are added to give more depth. Multi-tonal layers of light and dark colours should be applied to the corners of the face and around the jaw line and temples to contour the face.

Diamond or oblong or rectangular face: Diamond face shape needs to create the illusion of a slimmer, longer face. Apply deeper tones to the roots along the parting, merging into delicate lighter pieces from above the ears to the ends of the hair. Also, follow these makeup tips to look picture perfect.

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