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5 talcum powder hacks you must know about

Put your talcum powder to good use.

Written by Upneet Pansare |Updated : January 23, 2018 3:04 PM IST

Indian women usually use talcum powder to keep the sweat away and smell fresh. But your humble talcum powder can be used for fixing a number of beauty woes. In fact, talcum powder has so many uses, we re sure you ll get one even if you don t use it, after reading about these talcum powder beauty hacks:

1) To make your lipstick last longer: Tired of reapplying lipstick throughout the day? Here s a trick that works for me. First, apply your lipstick like you usually do. Then blot excess lipstick on a tissue paper. Take dip a small brush in talcum powder and lightly dust it over your lips. After that, put the lipstick again. This easy trick will help your lipstick stay longer. Just make sure to clean up the area around your lips properly after the dusting it with powder.

2) To give more volume to your eyelashes: The hair on my eyelashes is quite thin and even after using an eyelash curler and mascara, I don t get longer and thicker eyelashes. What I do now is this: first, I curl my eyelashes and then apply a coat of mascara. Then with a brush, I dust a little powder on my eyelashes. Then I put another coat of mascara. Applying talcum powder to your eyelashes makes it look thicker, it sets the mascara properly and gets rid of clumps. Make sure you are using very little powder on your eyelashes.

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3) To make your hair feel less oily: Occasionally, you can use talcum powder as dry shampoo. Just dust a little powder on the roots of your hair and brush through. The powder will absorb excess oil and give it more volume. Plus, your hair will smell great too!

4) To set makeup: Apply a little talcum powder on your face before set about doing your makeup. The powder will absorb oil and help the makeup to set properly and stay in place longer.

5) To make waxing less painful: Waxing can never cease to be painful. To make it less painful, make sure you apply some talcum powder to the area you are going to wax. Talcum powder will absorb oil and sweat on your skin. The powder will form a sort of a layer and will ensure that the wax sticks only to your hair and not your skin.

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