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Skincare tips: Here's how Madhuri Dixit keeps her skin glowing and healthy at 54

Are you in awe of Madhuri Dixit's beautiful skin? In a YT video, she revealed all her beauty secrets that are super easy to follow. Find out!

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Updated : February 28, 2022 5:52 PM IST

One of the most beautiful and stunning actresses, Madhuri Dixit is the embodiment of true beauty. Even though she has been part of the industry for a long time, she never fails to impress us with her beauty. Undoubtedly, the mother of 2 is ageless beauty and exudes elegance and charm. The stunner loves to flaunt her natural beauty and likes to stick to the 'bare minimum' when it comes to her skin. If you have ever wondered what Madhuri does to keep her skin glowing and healthy at 54, here are some tips she has shared in the past that could help you.

Madhuri Dixit And Her Skincare Routine

Madhuri Dixit Nene in a video on her official channel on YouTube shared some skincare tips and tricks that she does on a daily basis. Stating the importance of your diet for the skin, she said, "what you eat reflects on your face." She explained that skincare can be divided into two parts: Internal (what you eat and drink) and External (skin products you use). Keeping this in mind, here are the tips she shared.

Diet Tips

According to Dixit Nene, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day and keep yourself hydrated. Avoid sugary and oily foods, especially if you have oily skin. Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. As per the 54-year-old actress, it is better to consume fruits in raw form than drink juices. When you drink fruit juice, you also consume the sugar in it, but when you eat fruit your body absorbs the nutrients, including fibre that keeps you full for longer.

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Sleep-Wake Cycle

In the hustle-bustle of life, it can get stressful to manage everything and get a sound sleep. But it is very important to get good sleep to avoid skin problems. Sleep is the time when your body repairs itself. When you sleep, your skin's blood flow increases and y improves. But when you deprive yourself of sleep, it immediately shows on the skin. Madhuri Dixit recommends 6-7 hours of sound sleep to let your skin heal.

Meditate To Reduce Stress

Studies have shown that stress can lead to changes to the proteins in your skin and can reduce its elasticity, which can contribute to wrinkles. It can cause acne, bags under the eyes, dry skin, rashes, wrinkles, hair loss, grey hair and more. However, finding ways to cope with stress can help you manage it. Madhuri recommends relaxing your mind by meditating and thinking about the positive things in life. Thinking positive, not only benefits your skin but your overall body.

Exercise Everyday

Exercise increases blood flow, which helps nourish the skin cells and keep them vital. The toxins are removed when you sweat, and it also tones the skin by improving blood circulation and oxygenation to the skin.

Night-Time Skincare Routine

Don't go to bed with your makeup on as it can lead to bad skin problems like acne. She advises that you should use mild soaps or face wash to wash your face. Use rose water as a natural toner. Also, avoid toners that contain alcohol. Include a vitamin C serum as it contains antioxidants that help you get rid of blemishes. Use a water-based moisturizer when your skin is oily, and use a cream-based one if you have dry skin. Apply the moisturizer to your face in circular motions. Don't forget the neck and hands.

Morning Skincare Routine

For the morning routine, Madhuri Dixit starts with washing her face, then going in with a mild toner and moisturizing the face. She advises avoiding using vitamin C in the morning and use an SPF cream instead for sun protection.

Caution: You should do a patch test before slathering your skin with a particular product. In case you have skin problems, do consult your doctor to avoid complications.

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