10 dos and don’ts for applying foundation

10 dos and don’ts for applying foundation

Applying foundation isn't rocket science if you know these basic tricks

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : December 11, 2017 10:17 AM IST

I don t apply foundation regularly. And for amateurs like me, applying it occasionally is a big challenge. While foundation guarantees a flawless look and elevates the final appeal of your makeup, it can easily look cakey or patchy if not used correctly. It s important that you get the application right or it might even break out during the day making you look messy. Berzin Irani, Makeup artist, Beyu Cosmetics solves all your queries on what and what not to do while using foundation,

  1. Don t apply foundation on freshly cleaned skin.
  2. Do make sure your skin is cleansed well and moisturized before applying the foundation. Prepare your skin by using a toner post cleansing and then apply a moisturiser. If your skin is uneven or oily, apply a fine layer of primer for smooth gliding of the foundation.
  3. Don t apply too much of foundation. Take a few drops and spread them evenly from the centre outwards. Take more foundation only if there is a need. Did you know these 4 foundation mistakes that make you look old?
  4. Do start by applying less and blend it into your skin well, if you need to take some more only for certain areas and blend well again.
  5. Don t rely only on thick patches of foundation to conceal dark spots. Use a concealer which has an orange-yellow undertone which works for most Indian skin tones or a Brick Red colour if you have a whitish or warm skin tone to cover your pigmentation marks
  6. Do apply concealer before foundation if you have dark circles and heavy pigmentation. To cover basic dark circles or light pigmentation dab the foundation to get good coverage in such areas, use a flat brush.
  7. Don t forget to apply a sun protection layer and after the foundation to prevent skin from getting oily. Read: Foundation hacks you should know if you have dry skin.
  8. Do use a fixing powder or a compact powder to set your liquid foundation or cream foundation for a longer lasting effect.
  9. Don t keep retouching your look by applying compact powder each time. This causes more breakouts. Use blotting paper instead to get rid of extra oil. Just dab it on the concerned areas.
  10. Use a foundation that matches the skin on your jaw areas or cheeks or is one tone lighter than your skin colour. Here are some tips to choose the perfect foundation for your skin type.

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