Know the beauty benefits of folic acid

Know the beauty benefits of folic acid
Skin and hair benefits of folic acid. © Shutterstock

Want a firm skin and strong and lustrous hair? Eat foods rich in folic acid which can grant your wish. So, what are you waiting for? Just get to know how it can do wonders to your skin and hair and you can thank us later!

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Published : September 5, 2018 2:34 PM IST

Folic acid also called as vitamin B9 or folate is vital for your tissue s growth and healthy cell and brain development. It can also be beneficial during pregnancy, can ease your digestion and help you to fight depression. Like health, it also has ample of skin and hair benefits. So, if your acne is bothering you, or you want a healthy glow or want to get stronger tresses, you should eat foods abundant in folic acid.

You may get folic acid from citrus fruits and juices, tomato juice, mushrooms, asparagus, dark green leafy vegetables, legumes and beans which in turn can help you to look gorgeous and sexy!

  • It can help you to get rid of your annoying acne: Did you spot your annoying acne while you were off to your important meeting? Is your acne bothering you? Don t worry, we tell you how to tackle it. Just add folic acid to your diet which with other antioxidants can help you to deal with your acne. But, make sure that you don t go overboard. Over consumption can lead to more acne, dry and patchy skin. So, just consult your expert and have it in the right amount.
  • It can help you to look young and get that glow: It can help you to moisturize your skin and make it wonderful and supple.
  • It can help you to increase the elasticity of your skin: You will be able to get firm skin and can fight those signs of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and so on if you include it in your platter.
  • It can promote hair growth: If you have foods loaded with folic acid to can help you to renew the cells that help you to grow your hair. Whereas, folic acid deficiency can cause premature greying and hair fall.

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