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Is your skin dry or simply dehydrated?

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Dry skin and dehydrated skin are two different things.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Published : January 8, 2018 3:36 PM IST

When say we dehydrated skin, it is not dry skin. While you can have a dehydrated and a dry skin at the same time they are two very different things. You may not care much about the skin issue, but it is important to understand that when you use wrong products to treat your dehydrated skin thinking it is dry skin, it can only aggravate your skin woes.

Difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin

Dry skin is a skin type that is caused due to lack of lipids in the skin. When your skin is dry, the skin barrier is impaired due to the reduced lipid levels. On the other hand, dehydrated skin is not a skin type and is a temporary state where your skin lacks moisture both internally and externally. Dehydrated skin is a common problem affecting all skin types. Dry skin can also be dehydrated.

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Causes of dry skin and dehydrated skin

Many factors such as genetics, hormonal changes and a wrong skin care routine can lead to dry skin. Whereas dehydration is caused by internal and external factors such as environment, smoking and alcohol, and emotional factor such as stress. Lack of hydration in your body can also lead to a dehydrated skin, so make sure that you drink a lot of water. Here are quick tips to beat dry skin on a busy morning.

Symptoms of dry and dehydrated skin

If your skin is dry, you might experience itching, scaling, roughness and even cracks in the skin. Even gentle products can quickly irritate your skin when your skin is dry. On the other hand, tightness, loss of radiance, discomfort and facial lines are some of the symptoms of a dehydrated skin. You will tend to breakout and even your make-up might turn patch throughout the day. Here are 8 beauty tips you must follow to get beautiful skin.

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