Does the nail rubbing exercise really prevent hair loss?

Does the nail rubbing exercise really prevent hair loss?

Curious to know whether the nail rubbing exercise works? Read on!

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : August 31, 2015 7:40 AM IST

I often saw my mother doing the nail rubbing exercise to prevent hair loss. However, I always wondered how something as silly as rubbing nails together could prevent hair fall. But I am a curious individual and I decided to uncover the logic behind this method.


When I looked for it online, I found that there was a lot of matter on it. There were many opinions on the technique. Most people laughed it off calling it complete nonsense while there were some who said that they practiced it regularly and saw positive results. I was pretty amazed when a few claimed that they could feel their scalp tingle when they rubbed their nails together. Opinions apart here is what I found from my research.

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Science behind the technique:

In Chinese acupressure, pressing or rubbing certain parts of the body directly impacts other areas. Likewise, the nerve endings in the fingertips are also connected to the scalp. So when you rub your nails together, you create friction through which the nerves in the scalp get stimulated. The blood flow to the scalp is also said to increase when you rub your nails together which in turn revitalises the scalp and stimulates hair growth. So you could be giving your scalp a massage while you watch a television without even touching your scalp. Read about acupressure points for healthy hair growth here.


Duration of practice:

You don t have to keep rubbing your nails the whole day. Doing it for 5-10 minutes in a day is enough.

I would say give it a shot if you are open minded. Only con your nails may lose the gorgeous shine they have if you practice this technique religiously.

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