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Impress your date with these grooming tips

If you want your first date to develop into something more, do not forget to follow these grooming tips.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : January 20, 2016 5:58 PM IST

Movie and dinner bookings checked? Great. Reached the venue on time but without bathing or shaving? Don t expect a call again from your girl. Nothing matters more than grooming yourself and following a few pre-date rituals before you meet your girl. Your fragrance, the fresh look on your face, a crisp shirt is all a turn-on for a girl. Just like men are thrilled to see their date all dressed up, women are no different. So even if you are on your date number 4, 5 or whatever with this girl, don t turn up as if you are watching a game at home with your buddies.

Here are some pre-date grooming tips men should note:

Footwear: Women love shoes and by that we mean, even men s shoes. Floaters or sandals with a good trouser are such a put-off. Invest some money in footwear if you ve bought good clothes. Also, if it s an old pair, wash it or wipe it with a damp cloth, polish it well if required and ensure they aren t scuffed.

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Workout: Do go to the gym on the day of the date. It will bring out a confident you. Your body language changes, your face looks fresh and the body looks toned. We don t mean that you need to work out to make a mushroom top look like washboard abs, but just basic cardio and weight training or your regular workout will do the trick.

Shave or not: If you like sporting stubble, go ahead but ensure it s in a groomed state. If you find it too messy, visit a salon or use a trimmer to get the right look. If you or your lady prefers a clean shave, ensure you do that carefully. Fresh nicks or cuts on the face are not appealing. If it s your first date, she might wonder if this guy even knows how to shave. Also, don t forget to trim the hair on your ears if any and nose hair.

Oral hygiene: You may not have had a meal for hours before your date but that doesn t mean your mouth odour will be normal. Don t forget to brush your teeth, floss and use a mouthwash before your date. Keep mint or chewing gum with you always so that you smell good even after the meal. Here are 10 other hygiene tips men should follow.

Mask body odour: Don t bathe in perfume or use a very strong perfume, lest your date might leave midway because of a headache. After the shower, use aftershave, deodorant and before leaving home, apply a good perfume and a cologne. This totally works like charm on women.

Dress up: Don t don your cool t-shirt and crumpled denim with flip-flops look even if you are meeting your girl at a coffee shop. Be trendy and spend some time to decide what looks good and what will look trendy. It may not be an expensive shirt that you are wearing, but if it is clean and well-ironed, you will definitely leave an impression on her.

Try these grooming tips next time you are on a date and watch the smile on your girl s face. You might even get a chance to blush, for a change, with the compliments she gives you.

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