How to sleep with wet hair so it looks gorgeous the next morning

It is possible to sleep with wet hair. Read to find out how you should do it.

It is natural to feel lazy or tired of blowing dry your hair in the night. But if you wash your head in the night without drying it, the chances are that you will wake up with half curls and weird looking tangles on your hair. The good news is that you can sleep with your hair wet without waking up with unmanageable, weird-looking strands. Beauty expert Janet Fernandez tells you how you can do it.

Tie a bun: You can simply finger comb your hair into a loose bun at the crown of your head and tie your hair with a soft, hair band. You will get a natural-looking, beautiful and shiny hair when you take down the bun in the morning.

Do a braid: Also, braiding your hair when it is wet can give you those glamorous waves. You can experiment with a braid, multiple braids, fishtail or a French braid to find out which one works best for you. Here are 4 night tricks for naturally styled hair every girl should know.

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Sleep with a deep conditioning hair mask: Frizz is one of the biggest complain most women have when they sleep with wet hair. To keep the frizz from forming, you can try sleeping with a deep conditioning hair mask on your hair. Use a mask that is not too heavy but hydrating so that you do not wake up with greasy hair in the morning.

Sleep on satin pillowcases: You may just want to swap the cotton pillowcases for the silk or satin ones. The cotton pillowcases can absorb moisture from your hair and also lead to knots. The smooth surfaces of a silk pillowcase can keep your hair tangle free, and silk is not as absorbent. Also, sleeping on a satin pillow will allow your strands to glide around freely causing less frizz and damage to your hair cuticle. Here are some expert tips to protect your hair from damage while sleeping.

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