How to hide large thighs with the right clothes

If you have a heavy lower body and struggle to find something flattering for your body type, here are tips to dress right.

thunder thaighsAre you one of those who has what is called a 'pear shaped' body, or one with a heavier lower body? Well then, you are surely struggling with what to wear from your wardrobe which will camouflage your problem areas. To deal with this better, it's ideal to understand what would work for your body type and accentuate your curves rather than making you look bigger. Here are tips to dress right and look proportionate without your thighs getting all the unwanted attention.

Play with prints

Depending on your frame, you should be a little particular of the prints you choose for what you wear as bottoms. If you are petite and still have a heavier lower body as compared to the rest of your body, you should keep away from very bold and big prints. Opt for a more detailed printed garment be it in skirts, pyjamas, pants. Big prints would only leave you looking odd and disproportionate. Instead, experiment with some funky prints with your tops.

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Not too loose

Unlike the way you may think, loose clothes would not necessarily make you look thinner. Infact, you entire look would appear much more bigger than your actual body frame. Keep away from loose shirts and trousers. They are not flattering in anyway. At the same time, don't give in too anything body-hugging or too tight. Hunt down for the right fit and something with maximum comfort level.

Dark colours all the way

There is something about dark colours that makes you look slimmer. You could team up your tops with darker pants or other patterns. Darker and bolder colours like black, navy blue, maroon, dark grey, etc. are good options. However, to maintain that balance and still manage looking stylish, you should contrast your attire accordingly and have the right amount of colour in it too. Team up the bottoms with brighter tops.

Keep that short one piece away

You have to accept that your body type is not going to look its best in a short, tight dress. You could be safe and stick to mid-length dresses or opt for a maxi dress which is A-line or one with medium flair and not a straight fit. For this, look for a material that is not too thin and body hugging. Avoid lycra, nylon, satin.

Bell Bottoms

With this we mean, you can totally rock skirts and bottoms which are A-line or have a bell-like flair. This would accentuate your curves, especially if you have a slimmer waist. If not, you could wear a skirt that is not tugging into your waist but is just a fine fit. Plazzo pants and trail skirts are great options, as long as the front of the skirt is not very short.

Skip the short tops

Leggings are very, very comfortable but you don't want to spoil the show of it by wearing short tops or those that don't cover your hips and thighs. Similarly, while leggings might be comfortable but they are surely not the ideal pair of clothing for you. Besides, leggings taper at the ankles which highlight your calves unnecessarily.

Carefully accessorise

To complete the look, it's a good idea to accessorise. However you have to take care of a few things. Don't wear over-sized belts under the bust or on the hips, they will only draw focus on the areas you want to hide and will make you appear bigger. Instead, if you want, you could wear a chunky neck piece or earrings as long as it complements your body frame.

The key is to put together an outfit that makes you look proportionate, even if you aren't. This way, dressing up will be easier and won't eat up too much of your time either.

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