Threading, waxing or laser -- which option for unwanted hair on the face, body, bikini area

Waxing, shaving, home remedies, etc. There are tons of hair removal methods.

Women wished they had a magic wand to sway and get rid of all unwanted hair. The process of the removal of unwanted hair is an ongoing one and needs to be timed well. While there are various options to get rid of unwanted hair, we give you pros and cons of some options which will help you choose the right option for you.

Body hair

Hairy arms and legs is not something women want. Though there are ways to keep them hidden, the feel-good factor almost dies when you have to dress for a party.

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Pros: This easy to do and inexpensive. Removes hair from the roots and lets you stay hair-free longer. Knowwhich wax is better, flavoured or normal.

Cons: It can give rise to allergies, acne or infection of hair follicles if your skin is sensitive. It can also cause darkening of underarms. In rare cases, hand and leg skin darkens too.


Pros:Razors are easy to use, inexpensive, don t require expertise and do not cause reactions or allergies.

Cons:Injuries are common and you may have to shave once a week or more often, depending on the pace of hair growth. Shaving can cause in-growth and pseudo folliculitis if done incorrectly.


Pros:Epilating is safer than shaving. It reduces chances of skin damage and is inexpensive in the long run.

Cons:Unlike waxing, it can t remove small hair, if waxing has a success rate of 98 per cent, using an epilator has an 88 per cent success rate.

Hair removal creams

Pros:These are easy to use, inexpensive, easily available and do not require professional help.

Cons:They work superficially, do not remove hair from its roots and require frequent application (often more than once a week). Chemicals in these creams can cause irritation, allergies and darkening of the skin.

Laser hair removal

Pros:They enable permanent reduction of hair, with no chance of in-growth. They don t leave marks or cause infections. They can be used to shape hair.

Cons:They are expensive, unsuccessful on people with hormonal imbalance, less effective on light hair and won t work on white hair. The procedure can be painful (depending on the machine used) and the risk of burns is higher for people with tanned or dark skin tones. Know all aboutlaser hair removal, here.

Facial hair

Hair growth on the face and neck is the worst to deal with as it is impossible to hide. You cannot conceal it with clothes and there is no option but to get rid of it at the earliest. There are various ways which can help you get rid of hair from the face, neck, upper lip, chin, etc.


Pros: Eyebrow threading is, by far, one of the most sanitary methods for facial hair removal. No chemicals are used, and it is completely safe for those who may have sensitive or even dry skin.

Cons: This method is painful, leaving skin red for quite some time. If you opt for this method, remember you will have to undergo the pain every few days since the hair isn t pulled out from the root, it grows back faster.


Pros: Many beauty salons offer special waxes like chocolate or mango wax for facial hair removal. Apparently, the growth is prolonged and leaves your skin feeling smooth after the session.

Cons: While waxing does remove hair from the root, one should note that the skin on the face is very delicate and thin, and regular pulling will result in loose skin, especially the area around the mouth.


Pros: Bleaching is not a hair removal method; it changes the colour of the hair. This method is effective as the colour stays for weeks. You can buy a kit and do it yourself at home.

Cons: Use the correct quantity while mixing the bleach as too strong bleach can give you rashes. Do not over-do it or expose your skin to the sun after bleaching at least for an hour and even when you do, apply ample sunscreen before you step out.


Pros: Laser hair reduction is a good option and a near permanent solution. It requires a few numbers of sittings as per your hair growth.

Cons: Though it can be slightly expensive, it reduces and prolongs the growth and makes the hair finer in appearance, which makes it a worthwhile treatment.

Unwanted bikini hair

While it s relatively easy to get rid of hair on the arms and legs, it often gets complicated when one has to remove hair down there. Thoughts like how much will it hurt, how will the area look, who will do it often cloud one s mind.


The easy way out to get rid of hair from anywhere, anytime! But when it comes to your intimate area, it is essential to keep a few pointers in mind. Since this area is more delicate than others, you need to give it enough prep time before you actually start shaving.

How to: If this is your first time, trim the hair first with a pair of scissors. Next, clean the area with lukewarm water. Apply shaving gel or cream and let it stay for a few minutes before you start. Keep your legs apart and stretch your skin with the help of one hand. Use a razor to shave hair from the area. Do not rush as that can lead to red spots later. Once you are done, wash the area thoroughly with water to get rid of any leftover gel or cream and pat dry the area. Apply a light moisturiser to avoid itching sensations and redness. Wear comfortable underwear.

Pros:Shaving is inexpensive and handy. You can do it on your own. It is pain-free.

Cons:You will have to do it more often as the growth is quicker. Doing it inappropriately can lead to cuts and wounds.

Hair removal creams

This is another painless method without the hassle of razors, shaving gels, etc. Hair removal cream is a popular DIY method to get rid of unwanted hair. But you need to keep in mind to choose the right one. If it is too strong for your skin, it can cause itching and rashes as it irritates the skin. If it is too mild, it won t give the desired results and you may end up with patchy hair growth. Always test the cream on your arm or leg before you proceed to the bikini area.

How to: Once you find the right cream, simply apply it on the area and wait for the said time (usually 10-15 minutes). Wash it with water to get rid of the hair and cream. Make sure the area is clean and that the cream is only on the outer part. If you experience any burning sensation, wash the area with water immediately. Once the procedure is over, pat dry the area.

Pros:It is quick and easy. It is hassle-free and a painless procedure.

Cons:Can cause rashes if skin is too sensitive. The cream usually has a strong chemical odour which stays for sometime on the skin.

Bikini wax

This method is painful no doubt, but it gives better and long lasting results. Many people may not want to remove all the hair but only have a clean bikini line. In that case, going for a bikini wax is a good idea. Though you may find DIY kits in the market, it is best to go to a salon than do it yourself as it gets difficult to get the right angle and can be more painful too. Make sure you go to a salon which is hygienic and uses disposable waxing strips. Let the lady know if the wax is too hot for your skin. You may experience redness even after the treatment is over if your skin is too sensitive. Apply a cold compress (ice) to soothe the area and wear comfortable innerwear. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth for weeks after the initial pain. Here are thedifferent types of wax for the bikini area.

Pros:Long lasting results; he skin is smooth as silk and there is no growth for weeks.

Cons: It is painful. It has to be done by a salon expert. Skin feels numb for a few hours after the treatment.

Brazilian wax

This method became quite popular in the West and slowly crawled its way here too. Though it may not be available at all salons, you may find it in big chains. Brazilian wax is nothing but waxing the entire bikini area to make it completely hairless. This means, you need to bare it all and apply hot wax in your most intimate areas. It is quite painful and is only done when the hair is fully grown. The complete region is waxed using a special wax. Some salons may also offer an anaesthetic cream to numb the pain. Many salons abroad, leave a strip of hair in the front or make patterns out of it. Some even offer to colour the strip of hair.

Pros:The thickness of hair recedes over time. The bikini area remains clean and hair-free for weeks.

Cons:It is extremely painful. You have to wait for the hair to grow back completely before your next session. You will have to bare your intimate area to the salon lady.


Laser hair removal technique has become a rage for some time. It is touted as the best way to get rid of unwanted body hair and is also safe. This method needs to be monitored by a medical expert so that it is done correctly. The laser beam is used to burn the hair follicle which results in permanent hair reduction over a period of sessions. Since the bikini region is very sensitive, you may experience pain and a tingling sensation even after the application of an anaesthetic cream. Laser methods make the hair lighter and finer but there may still be fine hair growth.

Pros:It yields good results as the hair becomes fine. It is a nearly-permanent solution for hair reduction.

Cons:It is painful. Multiple sessions are needed. It can be expensive.

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