Prevent skin allergies due to cosmetics with this patch test

Have you experienced unexpected skin breakouts after using a particular skincare product? Next time, consider performing a patch test to avoid reactions,

Are you prone to skin allergies and quick reactions? If yes, you should probably be a little more cautious the next time you try new skincare products and cosmetics. Consider doing a patch test before you go ahead with the application.

A patch test could be your saviour from allergies and skin reactions on the sensitive areas around your eyes, lips, cheeks or face. Products that commonly cause skin irritation are mascaras, liquid-foundations, anti-ageing creams, toners and face-masks. Those with sensitive skin may experience itching, burning or even rashes. Too much make-up can also harm your skin, here is why you should probably give make-up a miss once in a while.

The safest area for a patch test is on the inside of your elbow. Dermatologist, Dr Jaishree Sharad explains that testing your skin for any breakouts or reactions in this area provides better visibility of the type of reaction.

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How to perform a patch test?

You could apply a tiny drop of the cosmetic on the elbow crease and check for any reactions within the next 24 hours.

If your skin breaks into rashes and bumps, then the product is not meant for your skin type. Consult a dermatologist to have a better understanding of the substances in the product that could have caused such a reaction.

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