How make-up can help you hide dark circles and puffy eyes

Are you off for a meeting you can't afford to cancel just because your dark circles and fatigue are not letting you look the part? Dig into your make-up kit to make your tired eyes look fresh again.

Often, squeezing in eight hours of sleep and rest during your hectic schedule is not necessarily manageable. This can result in under-eye bags and dark circles. However, here is how you could use make-up to your benefit and look refreshed even if you haven't got your usual dose of 40 winks.

Nude liners

Nude liners are nothing less than a 'trick product' for that instant, refreshed look. It gives a dewy yet sun-kissed look for the day. You could apply a nude liner on your lash line and smudge it slightly as a highlighter. Try using a nude shade on your eyelids as well.

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Bright eyeshadows

An eyeshadow shade like white or one with a metallic sheen is perfect to lift your look. The bright hue on your eyes is natural and looks gracefully pleasant. For that natural blend, do the 'bird-eye' eyeshadow trick. This means every time you use a bright eyeshadow or liner, don't forget to smear some onto the outer corners of your eyes with your fingertips.

Pressed powder

Lightly brush on or sweep some pressed powder or eyeshadow over your lashes. A way to help avoid smearing the mascara during application is by quickly placing a tissue underneath the bottom lashes.

Eye drops

Stars like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell have sworn by this trick: using eye drops just before being clicked. This is a trick to freshen up your eyes. However, it is preferable to consult an eye specialist before you use eye drops meant for such a purpose.

Winged liners

The winged or cat-eye trend works for any time of the day. For a subtle yet bright look, pick brown and navy eyeliner colours. Samantha Kochhar, managing director at Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies instructs how to get the winged look:

Take a smooth, creamy gel eyeliner and an angled brush. Begin with dragging the brush starting from the inner corner of the eyes outwards. As you reach the other end of your eye, increase the thickness of the product use use, it should be thicker and stop once you reach the edge of your eye. For the 'wings' or the 'tick' style, begin with dragging the liner from the opposite direction, with the angled tip of the brush till you connect the two lines. To suit your personal style, you can either leave the cat-eye thin and pointy or thicken it up with more layers of liner to the shape.

Eye colour shades in trend this season

Soft browns

Soft browns are an easy and an edgy choice for eye colours. Shades of brown and taupe in metallic texture are great for a night out too. If you have a darker skin tone you could opt for coffee, copper or bronze shades. Those with a wheatish complexion can try both dark and light shades in this category.

Olive green

If you are keen on ditching the gold or silver shade for an occasion, you could experiment with a fun shade of olive green. On the basis of your preference, you could pick a dark or light shade under the same colour palette. Blend it with a combination of a nude/soft brown shades to give it an earthy tone.

Smokey purple

The champagne and purple shades have replaced black in the smokey eye palette. These shades give a completely different definition to the eyes. Try blending it with lighter combinations to balance it out for you skin combination. Medium/wheatish skin tones and dusky complexions shouldn't hesitate from trying darker and smokey shades of purple. A deep champagne metallic colour will set you up for a retro night, and a lighter coat of the same sheen could spunk up a day brunch as well. If you are light-skinned, a soft or light purple can work wonders. Here are some more shades you could try out for the season.

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