How do I manage sideburns? (Male Grooming Query)

Having problems maintaining your bushy side-locks? Cut them short and do this regularly to do away with the shabby look.

Sidelock TrimmingI am a 25-year-old MBA student. I have thick hair growth and hence have thick side-locks too. How do I manage and maintain my sideburns?

No matter how great a hairstyle you're sporting, your sideburns can really help accentuate the look or they could be your undoing. Side-locks or sideburns are those natural enhancers for your face that you ought to give more thought to. With thick hair growth, you have got to be a little more particular. A handful of tips can keep those sideburns hassle-free:

  • Keep your sideburns short in case of thick growth for a neat well-groomed appearance.
  • Avoid tilting or turning your head to the side while trimming. Tilting your head will give an uneven dishevelled look. Instead, look straight into the mirror.
  • For manageable sideburns, keep the width to 1 inch.
  • The sideburns on both sides should be trimmed evenly with a trimmer.
  • Keep your face shape in mind while trimming. Rectangular-shaped faces are better suited to sideburns kept at mid-ear to earlobe length. Round faces are better suited to sideburns that are kept at mid-ear or shorter in length.

Sideburns if not taken care of can make you look rather unkempt. Make sure that sideburns are suited to your facial structure as well, because they can make your face look thinner or fatter depending on the style you opt for.

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