Want glowing skin? Just breathe (yes, it works!)

Want glowing skin? Just breathe (yes, it works!)

Want that illusive healthy glow? Here's a trick that will work like a charm.

Written by Pavitra Sampath |Updated : May 19, 2016 3:31 PM IST

Acne, dark spots, pigmentation and all those skin troubles you might have, can be quite annoying. But did you know there is one simple thing you can do to resolve all these problems? And the best part is that it is something you do every day! Yes, it's breathing.

Just breathing the right way can make a world of difference for your skin. Here's how.

According to Yasmin Karachiwala, Celebrity Pilates instructor, breathing is the healthiest way to improve your skin's health. In her book 'Sculpt and Shape -- the Pilates way', Yasmin says that breathing effectively can give you better skin. This is because when you breathe better, it improves blood circulation in your entire body, which means better blood flow to your skin -- giving you a healthy glow. You may also like to read how pranayam or deep breathing helps you stay healthy.

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What is effective breathing and how does it work?

Our sedentary lifestyle, combined with improper posture often causes us to breathe incorrectly. People tend to overuse the upper respiratory muscles, when in actuality, these muscles are supposed to be secondary to the muscles in the rib cage (which are meant to take all the stress of breathing). As a result, some people suffer from chronic neck tension -- since these upper muscles are not meant to do primary work when breathing. Also, your breathing becomes shallow and ineffective.

It takes a lot of focus to relearn proper breathing that works well in a variety of circumstances you experience. It's important to learn how to breathe in deep (into your thoracic cavity -- where your rib cage is located) instead of simply into your neck and upper chest.

How you can do this?

Sit (preferably in padmasana) in a comfortable place and breathe in deep, making sure the muscles of your chest and neck are loose, allowing air to gather in them. When you breathe in deep, air gets accumulated in your chest and lungs helping you stay healthy. It is a wonderful way to help oxygenate your entire body through your circulatory system. It also helps beat stress and clear up your skin. You may also like to read how stress affects your skin.

With inputs from Sculpt and Shape the Pilates way -- Yasmin Karachiwala

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