How can I grow a beard? (Male Grooming Query)

Having trouble growing a beard? We bring you a query about the condition and how it can be tackled effectively.

Young manHi, I am 22 year-old single young man and currently pursuing my education. All my friends have perfect beard which they flaunt happily but in my case I just can't because it refuses to grow. I have heard that eucalyptus oil can help with hair growth. Will this help me grow a thick beard? How do I use it?

Generally, growth of facial hair is a natural process which depends upon a person's family genetics and traits. Though there are some things that can boost or improve the growth of facial hair such as eucalyptus oil, coconut oil, lemons, etc. however the effects vary from individual to individual.

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Eucalyptus oil is a good choice but it cause irritation in some cases therefore it is recommended that you apply it with a carrier oil i.e olive oil or sesame oil. Read more on about home remedies to grow a beard or facial hair faster!. So take half a cup of olive oil and pour 15-30 drops of eucalyptus oil, mix it and massage the oil on the facial skin. Allow it to remain for about 30 minutes and then rinse with cold water and a gentle soap if you find the oily feeling irritating.

Otherwise you can also opt for medical treatments for inducing hair growth at a professional and certified hair therapy centre. The cost would range around $2,000 to $8,000, depending upon the treatment. We leave the decision upon you and pray that you get those SRK like beard in future. (Read: Would you get a beard transplant?)

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