How can a guy get rid of dry lips? (Male grooming query)

Get rid of flaky lips with these tips!

LipsHi, I am a guy, 20, and I am suffering from dry lips. The skin on my lips flakes out sometimes and they have an uneven tone. Could you help me with a few tips to take care of them?

Your lips have very delicate skin and are one the most sensuous parts of your body so taking good care of them is vital. Lips are damaged due to various reasons like pollutants, smoking, cold and sun. They are very sensitive to exterior conditions.

Tips on how take care of your lips:

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  • Use a chapstick or a lip balm (there are other flavours apart from strawberry in the market).
  • A simple home remedy to heal chapped lips is to apply a drop of ghee before you sleep. Apply it for a few days every night and see your lips heal soon.
  • Make sure you do not rub your hands over them too many times or bite them with your teeth. This can lead to the skin getting irritated and the area around them to become dark.

(Precautions - If your lip product irritates you or if the condition worsens, do not hesitate to consult an expert dermatologist)

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