5 home remedies to get rid of uneven skintone

Go from patchy to perfect skin with these home remedies.

Dust, pollution, sun exposure and improper skincare can often lead to an uneven skintone. If you too feel your skin looks dark in some places and light in others, you have this beauty problem. But worry not, you can rectify it using home remedies. Make sure you use them regularly to see a visible change in your complexion. Also read how to get flawless skin without dark spots and patches.

Potato juice

The juice of potato has natural bleaching properties that can lighten your skin and make it even over time. Here s what you need to do.

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  • Grate potato after peeling the skin.
  • Now squeeze out its juice.
  • With a cotton ball, apply it on the areas that are darker than the rest of your face.
  • Let it stay for 15 minutes before washing off with water.

Lemon juice

Another natural bleaching agent, lemon juice also works well in removing tan from your skin. You need to make sure you do not venture out in the sun after using it as it can darken your skin. It is best to use this remedy at night before bed. Did you know these other beauty benefits of lemon?

  • Squeeze the juice of a lemon, make sure there are no seeds.
  • Now add a dash of honey.
  • Mix well and then dab it on the darkened areas of the face.
  • Let it stay for at least 10 minutes. Wash off and pat dry the skin.


Due to the lactic acid in it, milk can lighten your skintone in a natural way. It is best to use raw milk when applying it on the skin. Use room temperature or cold milk but never warm or hot milk.

  • Take milk in a bowl and add a few drops of rosewater.
  • If you want to thicken the liquid, add sandalwood powder.
  • Now apply it on the skin which is darker and let it dry.
  • Splash cold water to wash it off.

Sweet almond oil

This oil is rich in vitamin E, which has properties to lighten skintone. Since it can make your skin look oily, it is best to keep it overnight so that your skin can absorb it well.

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.
  • Now gently massage the darkened area of the skin with almond oil.
  • You can use a tissue paper to wipe off any excess oil.
  • Leave it overnight and wash your face again in the morning.

Orange peel

The peel of orange is packed with vitamin C, which can lighten your skin due to its natural bleaching properties. You can either let the peel dry and then grind it or simply squeeze it on your face protecting your eyes.

  • Sun-dry the peels for a few days and then grind to make a fine powder.
  • Add honey and rosewater and then apply the paste on the required areas.
  • After it dries, wash off with plain water.
  • If using directly, squeeze the peel on your skin with your eyes shut.
  • Let your skin absorb it and then wash your face after 10 minutes.

Some other tips to follow:

  • Make sure you do not step out without applying sunscreen as sun can really damage your skin.
  • Always keep your skin supple by using a mild face moisturiser.
  • Don t forget to cleanse your skin twice a day.
  • Use a scrub once a week or fortnightly to get rid of dead skin cells.
  • Follow a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals to keep your skin glowing naturally.
  • Also try these treatments for uneven skintone.

With inputs from Anusuya Suresh, Dr Nirmala Shetty.

Image source: Shutterstock

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