Hollywood celebrities Madonna and Anne Hathaway’s beauty secrets

madonna-anne-hathawayHow does Madonna keep her skin looking so radiant and supple at the age of 54? What is the secret behind those smouldering looks? If these are questions that often come to mind when you see her perform in a concert and in music videos, you finally have your answers. Gina Brooke who is the official make-up artist of Madonna and various other A-list Hollywood celebrities, spills the beans on Madonna's skincare regimen exclusively for Not just that, she also tells us about another Hollywood hottie Anne Hathaway'sbeauty secrets in this article.

Skincare is an essential prerequisite to beautiful make-up. When prepping the skin, I always customise the skin treatments according to the client's skin type and also keep in mind the environment in which the client will be working whether we are shooting a film or a commercial outside in a cold environment, or performing on stage under hot lights in a humid and challenging atmosphere. It is imperative to treat every client like an individual rather than using the same skincare routine on all clients. Choosing a proper skincare regimen will determine the longevity and durability of beautiful looking skin and makeup. Depending on whether the client travels often or has sensitive or problematic skin, it may actually take me longer to prep the skin than actually applying make-up.

I always say that your skin is a reflection of what is going on inside your body and Madonna takes excellent care of both her skin and body. I prep her skin using an oxygen skin treatment by infusing vitamins A, E, C, green tea extract, aloe vera and a low molecular weight of hylaronic acid to revive, rejuvenate and protect the skin against free radicals and harsh environments. This specific treatment takes approximately 40 minutes followed by a primer to prep the skin before make-up. The treatment using oxygen is provided by aestheticians and dermatologists at high-end spas. However, there are home treatments that are very affordable and are the next best thing.

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Anne Hathaway also has beautiful skin, however, our skin is receptive to our environment and when working in New York during the winter months, the extreme weather can affect her skin. I prep her skin using a cold mask loaded with hylaronic acid for hydration. This is followed by a moisturiser using low molecular weights of hylaronic acid mixed with a vitamin C booster to brighten the skin. This takes appropriately 15-20 minutes before make-up.

When purchasing products that contain hylaronic acid, you want to look for a low molecular weight so that it absorbs in the skin rather than just remaining on the surface. I always use blotting papers to blot any excess oils on the skin before applying make-up.

No matter what your budget is, there are so many products that are affordable and very effective in the market and the best advice is to do your research and experiment.

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