Holi 2014 -- top home remedies to remove colour from your skin and hair

Here are effective tips to get rid of holi colour after a long day of holi.

HoliHoli or the festival of colours is a time filled with bright colours and lovely food. But it is after the fun and games are over is when the problem of getting all the colour off your body arises. But instead of sitting in the shower for hours scrubbing away the colours, here are some simple home remedies to get rid of holi colours easily and painlessly.

Precautions before playing holi

Use the goodness of oil

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Oil is not just an elixir for your hair, but its sticky texture and ability to protect your scalp is a boon against damage due to corrosive holi colours. So just before you step out to play with colours, apply oil on your scalp. Remember your scalp is the most important part when it comes to protecting your hair, so apply oil well on your scalp and shaft of your hair. You can choose to use any oil of your choice but the best oil to use is either coconut oil, olive oil or sesame (til oil) for your hair. For added protection of your hair, tie it up into a bun or plait it. This is the best way to keep your hair from damage and ensures that it does not get pulled while playing.

Protect your skin from the chemicals

Our skin is probably one of the most affected due to toxic colours. Not only do these colours harm your skin, but they also tend to stain your skin. Apart from that the long hours of exposure to the sun, dirt and dry colour can seriously harm your skin. So, in order to keep your skin healthy and stain free after a long day of playing with colours, here is a quick tip. Apply either coconut oil or til oil on your skin, paying special attention to the areas between your fingers and toes. The oil will protect your skin and keep the colours from staining your skin. For your face you can apply a good sunscreen with a moisturiser in it. Make sure you apply that extra thick coat of cream to keep your skin safe.

Care for your nails

During holi, your nails tend to get stained and stay that way no matter what you try. This happens due to the porous nature of the nails. So, to keep them protected apply a coat of nail polish or base coat. Make sure you apply them to both your finger and toe nails. Once you get back from playing, you can remove the nail polish and have clean nails!

Breathe easy

One of the biggest banes of holi is that with all that dry colour filling the air you will tend to inhale a lot of colour. So in order to help you breathe easy, apply some pertoleum jelly to the inner side of your nostrils. This not only keeps the area moist but also adds that extra layer of protection and traps any colour that might enter your airways.

Protect your eyes

Avoid wearing lenses when you go play. Wearing lenses is especially dangerous for your eyes. If colour enters your eyes it is likely to get trapped between your lens and the eye leading to several complications like an infection or corneal abrasion. A better idea would be to wear sturdy glasses when you play. Most importantly make sure you choose a particularly sturdy pair so that it does not break.

After care

A hot shower is what you need

A hot shower is probably one of the most desirable things at the end of a long day of playing holi, but avoid having a bath as soon as you get home. Instead run a hot shower, allowing the bathroom to fill with steam. This will help moisten the air in the shower, making it perfect for you to dust off all the holi colour. Once the air is humid enough, dust your clothes and hair free of any dry colours. The moist air helps to settle the dry colour, preventing it from entering your eyes, nose and mouth.

Gargling is the way to go:

After running a hot shower, the first thing you should do is gargle with warm water and salt. This will clear out any colour present in your throat and is a great way to prevent a sore throat, and colds.

Get the colour off your body:

Before entering the shower, take some coconut or til oil and massage it all over your body, specially concentrating on the area that have a lot of colour. Once you have applied it wait for about fifteen minutes. Then take some coarsely ground green gram daal, add some besan to it. Make it into a paste, add some water and a few drops of shower gel. Mix all the ingredients well and use it to scrub off all the colour. Remember to bathe in warm or hot water as it will help wash off all the oil. To nullify itchiness, use a combination of glycerine with rose water on your face and rinse it with warmer water.

Care for your hair:

This pack will not only help moisturise your hair, it also gently removes all the colour. All you need to do is mix two eggs with some sour curd. Mix this well and apply it to your hair. Allow it to stay for about 45 minutes then wash it off.

TheHealthSite wishes you a very Happy Holi!

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