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Hairstyle of the day -- No Heat Curls

Bored of your usual hairstyle? We give you some fun haistyles you could try out. The no heat curls are free of heat waves, dressy, and easy to set.

Written by Priyanka Ganwani |Updated : July 24, 2014 12:46 PM IST

No Heat Curls - Dania RamirezNo Heat Curls

They are flowing, pretty and can be worn on any occasion. The curls add some drama and volume to your hair. Tongs and blow dryers involve heat to set in the curls, though it's safer and better to do away with any heat exposure on a regular basis. Ditch the heat treatments for your hair and get some breezy curls without any styling tools. What you may need an old tee shirt or long socks, dish towels, paper bags and a comb.

Here are some simple steps to get those no heat curls:

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Wash and condition you hair well. Free your hair of any knots. Begin the hairstyling on damp hair.

Take an old tee shirt and cut it into long vertical strips, leaving the arms behind. Ensure these strips are 2-3 inches longer than your own hair. As for the width of the strip, it should be wider if you want looser curls.

Use a comb to divide a small section of your hair from the rest.

Start rolling your hair, around the cloth which should be placed horizontally till you reach the scalp. In case you want the curls only at the ends, stop rolling half way up. Ensure the curls are towards your neck and not outward.

Tie the ends of the strip place with the curls.

Once you are done, wait for a few hours or do this before you sleep.

Open up all the knots gently. If you prefer looser curls or waves, brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb.

Style your hair according to the occasion. For an outing in the evening you could opt for a side swept look and pin up a flower or a clip. In the day, you could clip the hair behind into a puff or simply leave it as it is.

For a full twisted look, take all the hair on one said and twist the whole lot from below your ears till the bottom and let it remain as is. Use a hair spray to retain that twisted form. This hairstyle can be tried on hair at varying lengths. It's a rather safe and dressy option that will save you a lot of time and trouble.

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