Hairstyle of the Day -- Bubble Braid

It's always welcoming to add that dash of fun to your looks. We churn out a variety of easy and absolutely fun hairstyles that you can be proud to dawn.

Whether you re in your teens and doing the party circuit, or are a career-mom dashing off to business meetings, odds are that you re downright bored of the hairstyle you always end up with. Here are some hairstyles that could give you that extra oomph you need.

The Bubble Braid

You don t always have to be in the mood to let your hair down to have fun. The high and uptight hair-do can run your day too. Call it the Jasmine Princess braid or the bubble one, this is surely hitting the trends. Recently, Olivia Wilde wore this sassy braid, along with the stunning Blake Lively who jazzed up her look with this all-bubbles hairstyle.

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You could also turn this around completely with slight changes to the basic style. It could do for a formal meet, a crazy night out or just a regular day. The height at which you tie the pony and the accessories that you use will do the trick.

You will need: a head band, four hair bands, hair spray, hair pins, a rat-tail comb and a brush.

Steps to the perfect bubble braid:

  • Begin with combing out all the knots. Wear a headband of your choice (optional).
  • Proceed by tying a high ponytail. You could chose to tie a high or low one, depending on the occasion you re dressing for. If it s a formal dinner, wear it low and for a fun night out, go for a sporty high one instead.
  • After this, simply rat each section. This means you will have to use a rat-comb in a back-and-forth movement on strands of hair lightly to create a puff.
  • Once you are done, immediately tie a clear or thin rubber band. You could pull it outwards lightly for an onion shape.
  • Continue doing so, with as many bubbles as you want to tie. The bigger the puff or bubble, the smaller the braid.
  • Pin up the sides if you have too many short steps for a neater look. Complete the look with a headband, hair band or simply skip it. Try accessorizing with a bow clip or ribbon to go the old-school way. You could double the fun, with two such ponytails.

Watch this space for more such easy hairstyles.

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