Hair loss

Hair loss home remediesLosing 50-100 strands per day is a normal phenomenon and nothing to be worried about but when this number increases, you must take it as a warning sign as you could be suffering from hair loss. Hair loss is caused due to a variety of reasons but the good news is you can arrest it even with home remedies if it is in its nascent stages. Or, you can opt for other methods such as a transplant or medications to combat hair loss.

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Before you start undergoing any treatment for your hair loss, it is important to understand the type of hair loss you are suffering from. There are several kinds and knowing the type will help in choosing the right way to treat it. 

What type of hair loss are you suffering from?

Is your hair loss caused by the hair plucking disorder?

 Children have serious problems too

Do you have male pattern baldness?


The causes of hair loss are many. Your hair loss could be due to a single cause such as hereditary or it could be due to multiple reasons such as stress, smoking, etc. Here are a few possible causes of this condition.

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Diabetes can also cause hair loss

Can stress cause hair loss?

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Excessive colouring, straightening, perming could lead to hair loss

Are you losing hair due to these 5 diseases? 

Are your hormones causing your hair loss?


Hair loss can be treated in multiple ways these days. There are several advancements made in this field which has made treatment options more affordable and long-lasting. Here are a few of them.

A permanent solution for hair loss

Beat hair loss with PRP therapy

5 surgical treatment options for hair loss

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Which hair transplant is right for you?

 5 methods to combat hair loss after chemotherapy

Can hair loss be reversed with non-surgical treatments?

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Though there are surgical and non-surgical options available, at times, hair loss is treated only with medication or along with it too. Here are a few of them which are commonly used.

Medications for hair loss – all you need to know

Hair loss medications 

Homeopathy treats hair loss safely

Patchy hair loss? Homeopathy to the rescue

Home Remedies

Though there are many options for treatment available, if the hair loss isn't much, you can start off with home remedies. They are natural and without any side-effects.

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Curb hair loss with shoe flower 


If you’ve started to notice more hair strands on your brush than usual or are worried it runs it your family and want to prevent it, you can try these prevention tips for hair loss. 

10 tips to prevent hair loss

Prevent hair loss with triphala

6 home remedies to prevent hair loss

Expert tips to prevent hair loss

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Prevent hair loss with these foods


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