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How to deal with hair loss after pregnancy, dandruff, hair straightening aftercare and other hair care queries

Celeb dermat Dr Rashmi Shetty answers your queries on hair loss after pregnancy, unexplained hair fall, dandruff and hair straightening treatments.

Written by Upneet Pansare |Updated : March 29, 2018 12:49 PM IST

Stress, pregnancy, chemical treatments, hair treatments, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, health problems-- the causes for hair loss, dry hair, dandruff and other hair problems are many. That's why it's important you consult with a dermatologist regularly. To answer some of the most common queries on hair problems, Dr Rashmi Shetty recently organised a Facebook Live. Here is an excerpt from the same.

How do I deal with an oily scalp and dry hair?

This is a very common hair condition. Oily scalp and dry hair could be because of a type of dandruff. It is very likely that you have an irritated scalp and acne on your forehead. This could be due to Seborrheic dermatitis. The best way to deal with this is to use a shampoo with salicylic acid. This could help treat Seborrheic dermatitis. A shampoo with Ketoconazole could also help you get rid of fungal growth and dandruff. For dry and frizzy hair, remember to always oil your hair before shampooing. Use coconut oil on your hair overnight and wash off with a shampoo the next morning. Also, put a leave on conditioner. When you re oiling your hair, do not massage the scalp. Just apply it on the scalp. Read: Have you tried Bajaj Almond Drops hair oil?

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How do I deal with my severe hair fall after delivery?

Most pregnant women take good care of themselves when they are pregnant. They eat healthy, have all their nutrients, drink water etc. But once the delivery happens a lot of things change. Women lose blood. The hormones levels fluctuate. With the baby, new moms give very little attention to themselves. They stop their supplements. So the first step is to do exactly what you were doing during pregnancy. Do not ignore your health. Hair fall after delivery is common and usually, hair health is restored in some time. But for that, you need to make sure you have healthy hair habits. Oil your hair before shampooing, do not take hair shower for a long time, use good quality hair products. (Read: Have you tried this SLS-free shampoo and conditioner?) Most importantly, continue your iron, calcium and multivitamins and amino acid supplements. These will help with reversing hair damage.

How effective is PRP for hair growth?

In PRP or (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy, we pull out your blood, process it, take out plasma that s rich in platelets and reinject it into the scalp. This plasma has growth factors in it and stimulates cells to grow back hair where injected. So you get a healthier growth of hair. But if there is sustained hair fall for long periods of time, speak to a doctor. Hair fall could be due to hormonal problems, nutritional deficiencies or unhealthy lifestyle. These need to be dealt with first. PRP is a supportive treatment for healthy hair growth.

Is hair smoothening and hair straightening safe for your hair?

They are not safe. No chemical put on hair is totally safe. You can do it if you take good precaution and if you go to a good technician. Whether it is cysteine treatment or keratin -- they are protein treatments that break the bonds in your hair and fill the protein in the hair to give you smoother looking strands. This could lead to hair breakage and sometimes, hair fall because of the chemical and heat. These are not 100 percent safe. It is okay to do them once in a while.

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