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Home remedy for lice: Neem and curry leaves hair oil

Home remedy for lice

Try this grandma's hair oil recipe for getting rid of lice without using any chemicals.

Written by Swapna C |Updated : February 20, 2018 3:24 PM IST

This special neem oil is my mother s recipe for head lice. Instead of using chemical pesticides, yes pesticides that kill mosquitoes, in the form of shampoos or oils, try this tried and tested home remedy.


Neem leaves

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Curry leaves

7-8 Jasmine flowers and leaves

One Indian gooseberry (amla)

Coconut oil

Wash and dry the neem leaves and curry leaves. Then use a blender or stone to grind these ingredients. If you have a small jar then you might have to grind each separately. You need enough neem leaves to get at least one bowl of paste and enough curry leaves to get half a bowl of paste.

After grinding all these ingredients, heat a few spoons of coconut oil in an iron kadhai. Add the ingredients and fry it till you get an aroma of the ingredients roasting. Then add a cup of coconut oil and bring it to a boil.

Take the mixture off the stove and allow it to cool. The mixture settles to the bottom and you get a dark, blackish green oil. Do not filter it. Let it steep.

Pour it out or take a few spoons when you need to oil your hair. The best time to do it is at at night before sleeping. Massage the oil from scalp to tips. Be liberal. The oil will be infused with the powdery mixture so don t worry when you are combing it out, some of the neem and curry leaves will also be falling in flakes on your towel.

Tips for combing hair after oiling:

Spread a white cloth or towel or your lap.

Keep a cup of hot water and a toothbrush handy.

Take a stainless steel lice comb and comb small sections of hair.

After combing each section of hair, brush out the comb with the brush over the cup of water so you can see the lice.

I usually comb twice: once immediately after oiling and once in the morning. Remember the whole process could take 20-30 minutes depending on the thickness of your hair. Also, if one person in the house has lice it is best for the entire family to delouse. You need to repeat this process after a week to get the newly hatched nymphs in case you didn t get all the nits and lice in the first round.

If you have a massive infestation, then apply the oil for two to three nights in a row. After you comb in the morning, wash your hair and repeat.

The oil will last you for a month at least. I store it in a steel container. You can also use a glass one. It is as effective or perhaps more effective than the permethrin (pyrethrin) based lice creams, shampoos and oils. Google the side effects of these ingredients and give this home remedy a chance before you go to the pharmacy.

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