Busting 4 Myths Around Winter-Friendly Hair

Busting 4 Myths Around Winter-Friendly Hair

Take care of your hair, and don't forget to use a hair mask weekly.

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : January 3, 2023 7:31 PM IST

You will do anything to keep the hair shiny and bouncy, and you will hear and read lots of advice and 'cure' ideas, but only some of them are true, and most are just myths linked to hair care in winter. So it is essential to know the difference between the myths and natural hair care tips for winter-friendly hair:

Myth: I have to keep my hair tied up in a pony or bun at all times in winters

Fact: Winters are no reason to hide your hairstyle. Protective styling is a good thing for hair care. The solution for winters? Put up your hair when you are outside facing the elements, and take your hair down when you reach your destination. Simple hairstyles work best in winter, but there is no need to tie your tresses in a tight bun. Silk scarves also protect the blowouts. Place the blowout under the silk scarf before wearing the hat. This way, the style stays intact when you remove the cap and scarf.

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Myth: I don't need to wash my hair often in winter

Fact: If you don't wash your hair, you will get dull, limp hair and an achy scalp. When you don't wash your hair, you damage the hair follicles. Washing the hair imparts moisture; remember to use lots of hair butter.

Myth: Winters are here, and now I can oil as much as I Like!

Fact: When the winter comes around, the scalp is less oily, but that does not mean you can oil it as much as you like. Keep the hair oiling routine restricted to 30 minutes before the hair wash. Do not step out with oily hair. Oily hair attracts more hair, dust, pollution, and dirt and worsens the hair's condition.

Myth: I can protect my hair by using more styling products

Fact: Styling tools will only do more damage to dry and frizzy hair. Hair products often contain chemicals that suck the moisture right out of the hair. Heat tools break down the keratin, eventually leading to thinning and hair fall.

For hair care, the fewer the products, the better. Take care of your hair, and don't forget to use a hair mask weekly. We all have different hair; no two people have the same texture, length, or type of hair. So listen to what your hair asks and follow expert advice for happy winter hair.