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Hair care

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HairHair is our crowning glory but due to factors like stress, pollution, improper care, etc, it can be damaged easily. The haircare section features various articles that help you to keep your locks healthy and strong.

This section also provides solutions for common hair problems like dandruff, volume, shine, etc. haircare tips for all seasons and also new breakthrough procedures that help you overcome your hair woes.

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Dandruff is a pesky problem where white flakes are shed on the scalp and often fall on the shoulders as well making it an embarrassing situation. Though dandruff is quite common, it is still something people want to get rid of as it can lead to hair breakage, hair fall, etc.

Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is often a hair problem that makes the hair look out of place and messy and not in a good way. Most people who have dry and curly hair are prone to it but it can affect others as well. Here is how you can combat this problem.

Split Ends

Split ends can leave your hair damaged. It is when one hair splits into two from the ends. This is not only unhealthy but even looks bad.

Thinning Hair

Often, hair thinning is one of the initial signs of hair loss. But the good thing is, if you control it soon, you can prevent hair fall altogether. Here are a few measures you can take. 

Premature Greying

Not necessarily a sign of wisdom, premature greying of hair can make you look older than you actually are. But you can make sure you conceal this problem.

Greasy Hair

Does your hair get oily without the use of oil within a few days? It means you have greasy hair which can be difficult to manage. Washing your hair too often can also worsen the condition. In order to prevent this, follow these tips. 

Itchy Scalp

An itchy scalp can be not just annoying but embarrassing too as you would want to scratch the itch which may not look good in public. It is also a sign of an underlying problem such as dry scalp or dandruff. Here’s what you can do.

Other Hair Problems

Apart from these common hair woes, there are a few more that demand your attention in order to get perfect tresses. These include issues such as limp hair, dry hair, lice and more. But we have a solution for them too. 

Hair Treatments

And if you are one of the lucky few who do not suffer from any of these hair problems, you may want to try out different hair treatments to further enhance your hair’s appearance. 


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