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Got sensitive skin? Stop waxing and start sugaring to remove unwanted body hair

Sugaring is a must-try option if you have sensitive skin. Try it out as an all-natural alternative to waxing for removing unwanted body hair.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : August 31, 2016 5:26 PM IST

Do you struggle with rashes and flare-ups on your sensitive skin after hair removal? If waxing, shaving, and depilatory creams do not work for your sensitive skin, you must try sugaring. We spoke to beauty expert Nandini Agarwal from Marvie Ann Beck Academy, Mumbai to tell us more about the technique.

What is sugaring?

Sugaring is an all-natural alternative to waxing that does not require strips. It is especially beneficial if you experience burns or rashes or are prone to ingrown hairs and allergies. In sugaring, instead of using strips, the aesthetician rolls the sugaring paste onto your skin and uses a flicking motion to remove the hair from the follicles. The paste is applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The sugaring paste is made of lemon, sugar, and water and is safe to use on any part of the body.

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Is sugaring better than waxing?

Sugaring can be an excellent alternative to waxing. Here s how:

It is healthy for skin: While the hair removal wax often includes synthetic ingredients and chemicals, sugaring paste is made up of completely natural ingredients sugar, lemon juice and water--making it safe for your skin. Lemon juice works as an exfoliant and removes dead skin cells making the skin smoother. Sugar contains glycolic acid which keeps your skin healthy. Sugar can also keep your skin glowing.

There is no chance of infection or contamination: Sugaring is done with a single ball of the sugaring paste per client so there is no fear of double dipping here like waxing. The sugaring paste is stretched and folded back into itself making the removed hair gather in the centre of the ball. So you should not have any concerns about contamination and sanitation.

The technique does not prompt a rash: Sugaring leaves almost no chance of causing a rash or redness as it does not pull on the skin and irritate the area. Also, the all natural mixture is free from the additives in wax which can irritate the skin. Follow these tips to soothe irritated skin after waxing.

The paste does not stick to the skin: You know the struggle of picking the leftover bits of wax after waxing. On the other hand, sugaring leaves no residue. Being water soluble, it doesn t harden on the skin and it is very easy to remove. If any residue is left, it can be removed easily with warm water and towel.

It has a long-lasting effect: In addition to being an all-natural hair removal technique, it is long lasting. While waxing can break the hair at the surface, sugaring can remove it from the follicle and therefore the hair takes longer to grow back when you use the sugaring paste. Also, you do not grow hair for weeks between treatments as the formula also removes very short hair.

It is best not to try sugaring at home as it has to be done in the right technique and an aesthetician would be the best person to do it. Also, read this before you try any facial hair removal technique.

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