Exfoliate dry skin with this homemade sea salt face scrub

Sea Salt: It purifies your home and wards of negativity. It also creates a fresh atmosphere which helps in keeping your home healthy. Use sea salt as is or mix it with water and place it in different areas of your home, especially in the northeast or south-west directions.

Sea salt is great for dry skin! Just mix some olive oil and lavender essential oil and scrub your face well.

Sea salt, with its minerals and elements, helps restore the lost moisture, deep cleans, rejuvenates and stimulates the needed cell growth for healthy skin. It is a soothing remedy to keep your skin well exfoliated and moisturised, along with olive oil or any other preferred massage oil like jojoba or even almond oil. Olive oil would work on moisturising dry skin and give a natural glow to it. A few drops of lemon could benefit your skin with its anti-bacterial and exfoliating properties. You can also use lavender essential oil for this scrub. Here is how to make and use this easy exfoliating scrub: Steps:

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