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Experts debunk 7 common misconceptions about male baldness

Do you think only older men need to worry about hair fall? Here are a few misconceptions and facts about male baldness.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Updated : April 19, 2016 10:09 AM IST

If you thought women make a big deal about hair loss and greying, you are mistaken. A lot of men lose their sleep over hair loss too. Then there are several myths doing the rounds regarding balding in men, which adds to the concern. We contacted award-winning trichologist Dr Sah Gaurang Krishna, MD(AIIMS) Specialist Hair Transplant Surgeon and Consultant Dermatologist and Dr Gaurang Krishna, Hair Transplant Surgeon and dermasurgeon, to share with us a few common misconceptions about male baldness and tell us what the facts are. It is important to debunk misconceptions and focus on understanding the types of hair loss and treatment instead.

#1 Hair loss only affects men older than 40 years of age

Fact: Actually, hair loss may affect men as young as 17 years of age.The culprit hormone, DHT (dihydrotestosterone), starts forming after puberty and that is when boys who are genetically susceptible to hair loss may start experiencing hair thinning.

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#2 High levels of testosterone leads to male baldness

Fact: An increase in the level of testosterone does not lead to hair loss. It is due to a greater sensitivity to DHT. Testosterone levels are found to be normal in most men who suffer from hair fall or male pattern baldness.

#3 Chunks of hair falling hints baldness

Fact: Balding is not the result of excessive hair fall but because of the thinning of hair by a process called miniaturisation. The hair's thickness reduces and the hair that falls is replaced by thin hair leading to baldness. Try a DIY oil pack to control hair fall.

#4 Frequent shampooing causes hair fall

Fact: Since most people experience hair fall while shampooing their hair, they inadvertently blame the shampoo. To prevent this, they begin to shampoo less often. The hair that would normally fall out in the shower now sheds on the scalp. With the next shampoo, even more, hair will fall out, only confirming the patient s suspicion. Remember, hereditary baldness is not due to hair falling out, but rather by normal hair gradually being replaced by finer, thinner hair. Know more on why shampooing does not lead to hair loss.

#5 Reduced blood flow to the scalp causes hair loss

Fact: The scalp does require a good amount of blood flow when your hair is growing. However, once you lose your hair, the scalp does not need too much blood. So basically, reduced blood flow is not the cause but result of your hair fall.

#6 Only men suffer from genetic hair loss

Fact: If you think that you are the unfortunate tribe, then you are wrong. About 40% women also fall into the category of genetic hair loss and hair thinning during their lifetime. Did you know, your hairstyle can make you bald?

#7 Only men with family history of hair loss are affected by androgenic alopecia

Fact: About 70-80% men have an affected family member. The other 20% do not report having any other family member with hair loss issues. Here are some herbal remedies to fight alopecia.

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