Expert tips on hair care for children

Your child's scalp is sensitive and it needs special care. Find out what you should be doing.

Are you trying to shave your little one s hair repeatedly hoping he/she gets better textured hair? Stop now. This is just a myth. Shaving your head or frequent haircuts cannot improve the hair texture or lead to better hair growth. Find out why the traditional mundane or shaving of head is not such a good idea. Moving to myths, there are several assumptions people make about hair care in children which are baseless. Did you know children can have serious hair problems too?

The hair care needs of children are different than that of adults. Do not assume that children s hair doesn t need any managing. Some parents don t bother at all while some of them overdo it with several hair care products. So we have for you, some hair care tips for children suggested by Jawed Habib in his book Hair Yoga.

  • Children play outdoors in the sun. Their hair eventually attracts a lot of dirt and dust. Hence, hair should be washed every day.
  • Lice a common problem that cannot be stopped but there is a solution. The school authorities and parents need to keep a constant watch and address the problem. You can use a medicated shampoo and clear the head of any lice or their nits. Here are some home remedies to get rid of lice.
  • For kids below two years of age, cosmetic products are best avoided. Medicated shampoos are a big no. If your little one has lice, you will have to remove them with your hands daily till the head is clear of all the nits and lice. Also read, what is the right time to use soaps and shampoos for babies.
  • Another assumption is applying too much of oil to get rid of cradle cap. This is a myth too. In fact, cradle cap is caused due to excessive oil production. Here are some expert recommended tips to get rid of cradle cap.
  • Change pillow covers and sheets frequently to disinfect them of any lice.
  • No home or other remedies must be used for children. All the natural hair packs are for adults. Your child s scalp is sensitive and these ingredients may irritate it causing infection or scaling.
  • Hair conditioners are a big no too. Oil is the best conditioner for your child s hair. Oil their hair regularly.
  • Hair colours (even temporary ones), hair sprays and other heat treatments must be strictly avoided. Do not expose kids hair to blow dryers or hair irons.

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