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Exercise And Skin Health: How Are These Two Connected?

Exercise And Skin Health: How Are These Two Connected?
Exercise And Skin Health: How Are These Two Connected?

Exercise can not only keep us healthy overall but also cure many skin problems.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : March 28, 2023 5:08 PM IST

Human health is connected to a lot of things. For example, what we eat, how we live not only impacts our body but also our skin and hair. So, if we think about it, adjusting and changing out lifestyle can also benefit problems like acne, dull skin and hair fall. More importantly, studies say that exercise is an activity which significantly helps better our skin. Have you noticed that right after your workout, you have that glow in your skin that you would wish to always have? Well, here is your solution. That sweaty glow is due to the workout session that you have just completed and it has great long term impacts of skin too. Read on to find out what experts say.

Impact Of Exercise On Our Skin

Exercise and skin care is connected. We are already aware if some of the benefits like glowing and healthy skin but there is more and we are here to explain to you how exactly it helps our skin look fresh, young and healthy. Exercise improves our blood flow. The function of good blood flow in our body is to transport oxygen to every cell. The better the blood flow, the more the oxygen supply and that is how our skin becomes healthier and stays youthful. Blood and oxygen keeps the skin cells nourished and it is a very vital part of skin care. This is why skin specialists stress on massages. Good blood flow also ensures that the toxins in our body are flushed out. This also plays a big part in bettering the skin health through exercise. Massages too help increase our blood flow. But, exercise benefits the skin and health in multiple ways. You will be able to achieve god skin, hair and health through just one activity.

Oxygen literally breathes life into your skin. Any physical activity work on improving the level of oxygen in the body and here is what happens after that:

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  • It helps improve skin elasticity
  • It helps skin flush out toxins
  • Flushing our toxins also reduces chances of acnes and other breakouts
  • Helps unclog pores
  • Keeps our skin younger even as we age

Builds And Boosts Collagen

Collagen boost is very beneficial for our skin. When there is a boost of blood flow, it also increases collagen production. This helps repair damaged skin cells leading to a more youthful skin and this will also help heal your wounds faster.

Reduction Of Stress Helps Our Skin Too

We have been told time and time by experts that exercise is good for our overall health. Staying physically active will help boost happy hormones that can rid you from stress and anxiety. This mean, reduction in cortisol levels and increase in endorphins and serotonin. This is how our skin can also become better.

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