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6 essential grooming tips for a job interview

Wondering how to make the right first impression at your job interview? Use these grooming tips and thank us later!

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma |Published : February 3, 2016 5:06 PM IST

There s a difference between going for an audition and interview, if only men understood that. Then there are some who go the extremes of being formal and end up for an interview like they were just teleported from the 70 s. So for the sake of all the men who are trying to make that first impression during an interview, here are some grooming tips for men:

1. Begin with oral hygiene. Brush, floss and use a mouthwash. And yes don t eat an onion sandwich after this regimen and right before going for an interview. The interviewer doesn t want bad smelling answers (pun intended).

2. If you own a cologne shop, why are you looking for a job? That s the question most interviewers would like to ask the candidates who go overboard with fragrances. The trick is to apply cologne on your handkerchief first and then dab it on your face. Here are some tips on picking the right cologne.

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3. Nothing is more grouse than hair popping out of nostrils or near the ears. Clipping the hair neatly just before the interview is a must. Trim the hair on the ears and in the nostrils. In case you have bushy eyebrows, a slight trim will not harm. It will only make you appear well groomed. Try these tips to get rid of unwanted hair.

4. Using hair gels is not good for your hair but if you still use hair grooming products, use them sparingly. Don t make poky spikes where your scalp is visible and the hair looks planted.

5. Start caring for your lips and face. Avoid foods that may cause acne and shave properly so that you do not have any razor cuts or nicks. Use lip balms or petroleum jelly to prevent chapped lips. These are the very basic things expected out of a candidate who wants to impress the interviewer not just by his professional knowledge but his etiquette too. You can also try these skincare tips and tricks.

6. Alright! You love to snack on your cuticles but go on a crash diet and quit chewing your cuticles for just a few weeks before the interview. Here s a remedy for damaged cuticles too. Get a manicure if your fingers and hands are in an unkempt condition.

So before you start thinking of what to wear for the interview, ensure that you ve ticked these grooming tips off your list.

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