How often should you wash your hair? Here's what experts suggest

How often you wash your hair depends on your hair type.

Daily, every alternate day or twice a week how often do you wash your hair? Even though it is a common myth that washing your hair every day is a bad idea, hair expert, Jawed Habib, in his book Hair Yoga says that you can wash your hair everyday as long as you rinse it properly. Because, washing your hair daily washes off the impurities and dirt. However, the answer may vary depending on your texture and hair type.

Wash dry hair twice a week

If you have dry hair, avoid washing it every day, as this will strip it off its natural oils. In the absence of natural oils, you are more prone to get dandruff or suffer from itchy scalp. To avoid this, wash your hair twice a week using a mild shampoo. Also, don t forget to apply a conditioner to prevent your hair from drying. If you don t want to go the chemical-way, try coconut oil to condition your hair.

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Wash greasy/oily hair every alternate day

Have a hard time managing your greasy or oily hair? Well, you can manage it properly by cleaning your hair every alternate day. By doing so, you lower the chance of oil production, that is stimulated when you wash your hair. So the less you wash your hair, the less oily your scalp will be. Also, avoid using hot water to wash your hair to lessen the damage caused due to heat. Instead, use lukewarm or cold water.

With inputs from Dr Debraj Shome, an aesthetic surgeon.

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