Do chocolates cause pimples?

It's time you know the relation between acne and chocolates!

There are times when you restrain yourself from reaching out to that bar of chocolate, lying in your fridge, simply because of the 'chocolates cause pimples' danger. While chocolate is not the only reason for your pimples, there is close relation to it. To have a better understanding of the relation between acne and pimples, here is what you need to know:

High glycemic index

The risk factor for acne rises when there is an increase in oil secretion. Dermatologist Dr Shefali Trasi says, 'Chocolates are high in glycemic index hence, leading to oily skin and is likely to cause acne. Glycemic index stimulates oil glands to increase oil secretion causing acne-problems.'

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Increased sugar and fat content

Additionally, it is the high sugar and fat content, which may be the key factor leading to an increase in sebum production and inflammatory reactions in the body which can give a chance to acne. Here are home remedies to get rid of acne scars.

Hormonal reactions

The skin would react to dietary and heavy sugary substances with acne in some cases. Such substances could lead to hormonal changes, causing inflammation in those who are acne-prone. Here are acne treatments by experts.

Other factors

Clash with premenstrual syndrome

Women may have a tendency to indulge in chocolates around their premenstrual cycle and this is when an acne-breakout may clash with the monthly cycle. This is also because, during this time, the estrogen levels drop down, triggering the ovaries to produce hormones which cause stimulation by sebaceous glands, producing oil. Hence, acne breakouts may be due to the menstrual cycle and not because of chocolate consumption. Hence, it is important to know what you should eat and not during menstrual cramps as well.

Poor diet

As we know, your diet has a lot to do with your skin. If you are consistently gorging up on chocolates along with other fatty and high caloric foods, then this may disturb your regular diet required for healthy and nourished skin. Lack of nutrients would contribute to acne as well.

What's the option?

While chocolate does play some role in getting those zits, giving up chocolate completely is not required. A healthier option is to consume dark chocolate. Dark chocolate could be a better option over milk and white chocolate since it is higher in cocoa content. The bitter flavoured chocolate comes with flavonoids, catechin and procyanidin, which serve as antioxidants for the body. These antioxidants are required to maintain and produce skin's collagen so as to keep it firm yet supple.

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