DIY: Here's how you can make shea butter glitter lipstick at home

It looks amazingly hot and sassy and is perfect for a wedding or party look.

Glitter trend is taking the beauty world by storm -- glitter lipstick, glitter highlight, glitter eyeshadow. Glitter is the love of the season. Even though some glitter trends are really bizarre, for example, the 'glitter tongue trend' which is all over Instagram and is beyond impractical. And how can we forget, Glitter vagina and 6 other weird glitter trends that you might want to read! However, coming back to glitter lips, it looks amazingly hot and sassy and is perfect for a wedding or party look. In fact, if you keep the rest of your face with minimal makeup and only have a stroke of glitter lipstick, you can look ravishing. However, the glitter lipsticks in stores are a little expensive plus you don't know what it is made up of. You may want to try this glitter lipstick recipe and make you very own glitter lipstick very easily at home. Here we go:

Things you'll need:

2 and a half tablespoons organic coconut oil

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2 and a half tablespoons organic shea butter

4 tablespoons beeswax

15 drops essential oil of choice(See if you can use edible essential oil)

1 tablespoon Mica powder the colour you want.

Half teaspoon of melted 1 colour edible crayon or cosmetic colour in whatever colour you want.


  • Take a double boiler and first add the coconut oil and slowly keep adding shea butter to it while mixing simultaneously.
  • Add the edible crayon or cosmetic colour. Let it melt.
  • Remove the mixture from heat- don't let it be in the heat for very long.
  • Now while it cools add mica powder and essential oils. Keep stirring, don't let lumps form in the mixture.
  • Let it solidify in whatever form you want and swatch it on your wrist and test the smell too. If you are not happy with the colour put it back in the double boiler and add more colour if you want a darker shade or more wax if you want a lighter shade.
  • Once you are happy, pour it in any lip balm or lip gloss container you like and let it solidify.

Note: Store it in the refrigerator for a better finish on the lips.

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