DIY beauty fixes for the wedding season

We love the wedding season and getting ready for it even more! However, it can get troublesome to fix-up our hair or make-up if we don't know how to go about it. Here is how a few alteration can make all the difference!

It's the most awaited time of the year, when the calendar is clogged with parties and weddings to attend, one after the other. Knowing this, none of us is new to the hassles of getting ready and fixing up our hair or make-up till the very last minute or even at the venue. Whether you are a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid or simply someone attending a wedding/party, here are some quick-fixes you should be aware of:

Sweat patches

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sweaty face

We hate it, but can't ignore it -- sweat patches! During long hours at a day-wedding or an outdoor function, you have to somehow manage those sweat patches so your make-up doesn't wash out before you know it! Here is how you deal with this hassle, better:

  • If you are getting your make-up done professionally, ensure that the artist keeps the weather conditions in mind during application of make-up and uses products accordingly.
  • Professional bridal and fashion make-up artist Palak says, 'Foundation should be waterproof and oil-free so as to avoid unnecessary sweating and the make-up should be set with translucent powder. Another useful product is a make-up fix spray that you could keep in your purse.'
  • Blot tissues or pieces of mull cloth usually come in handy to dab off the sweat before it gets worse. Here are some make-up mistakes you must avoid.

Smudgy eye make-up

eye make-up fix

Eye make-up is definitely a crucial part of any look and even if you go wrong with this, you should be able to set it right just in time! Here is how a few alternative can not only save you from some eye make-up trouble but can fix it too:

  • Use an eye primer as this locks in the eye make-up well for the rest of the day.
  • If you are going to be out for the whole day, simply carry cotton swabs or make-up remover in a small bottle.
  • If you've overdone your eye make-up or have it all smudged, use a eyeshadow blender brush without any colour in it and soften the corners to gently spread out the colour.
  • You can also use a blender brush to soften the eye liner and transform it into smokey eyes.
  • If the eyeliner has got messy from your lower lash line then a brown eye shadow can act as a saviour. Apply this with a thin blender brush just like you would apply a liner and you are through. Here is all you need to know about picking the perfect pair of eyelashes for yourself.

Lip menace

applying lip gloss for shine

Over long hours at functions and parties, your lipstick is dried out before you know it. Hence, you'd probably be reconsidering wearing lipstick, especially the dark or bold colours, in the first place. However, it's not so much of a task to keep it in place. Here is what you can do:

  • If dry lips are your usual problem then simply mix a lip balm with your lipstick and apply it. Palak says,'It's essential to exfoliate and use a lip moisturiser so that the dead skin gets off and the lips look healthy.'
  • Palak says, 'For your lip colour to stay longer, it's important to first apply a lip primer. After using the primer, a lip liner to define the lip shape should be used.'
  • Lip lining is another important aspect of getting your lip make-up right and can make all the difference. Palak explains its application, 'For perfect lip lining, start right from the centre of the cupids bow and form an 'M' shape. Then define the bottom centre of the lips in the same manner and proceed to the outer corners. Fill in the lips with the lip lining pencil itself. Ensure the shade is as close to your lipstick colour.'
  • To ensure your lip colour stays on, don't miss out on the blotting-trick. Palak advises, 'Apply the lipstick and blot with a tissue. This ensures pigment concentration. Then apply the lipstick again and blot it for the second time with a tissue. This quick process locks the colour onto your lips, well. After this, apply the final layer of lipstick.
  • You can keep a gloss with you at all times and apply it over your matte lipstick but only at the centre as lip gloss usually has a tendency to dilute the lip colour.

Hair dos

fixing hair

When and if your hair is out of place, it spoils the whole look. It's best to be precautions so you can fix your hair up on your own without having to look for anybody else. Here is how:

  • If you've tied a ponytail or a bun with your prominent elastic band and looking too neat, carefully pull out a thin strand of hair, but thick enough to cover up the elastic band. Pin this underneath your pony with a transparent bobby pin.
  • With a tight hairstyle or even if your hair is left open, you can carry a small bottle of a hair shine mist for that soft sheen.
  • Most often than not, when our hair looks greasy we switch the panic button on! To save yourself from this situation, pick a hair spray meant for your hair texture once you've consulted your personal hairstylist. This hair spray will dry up the oil due to its alcohol content. After you spray some, just comb out the hair to avoid any stickiness. Here is how to handle a bad-hair-day better.
  • If you've let your hair loose and you find that the crown portion is looking flat, you can back comb the crown portion with a rat-tail comb. So keep one handy. You can also tie your hair into a plait if you can't manage your hair open for too long.
  • To add some natural fluff and volume to your locks, just bend down and flip your hair once or twice and let your hair fall as it is.
  • Bobby pins can come in use, specially if you have a strand or two sticking out of your hair bun or an updo. Pin these right behind the ears even f you have your hair open so that the pins are not noticed. Here are some party perfect hairstyles.
  • Ponytails can save us from any hair trouble, and can suit for any occasion. However depending on the hair texture, the pony may or may not turn out fluffy or higher. To trick this, simply put your bobby pins through your hair-tie vertically , this makes your pony stay up higher. Here are some easy and amazing Christmas looks you shouldn't miss.

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