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Did you know that dark underarms could indicate diabetes?

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : July 22, 2014 6:05 PM IST

dark underarmsDid you know that dark underarms could be an indicator of diabetes? Many people brush it off as a beauty or skin problem. Though it could be just that, in some cases, it can also indicate a deeper condition like diabetes.

Darkening of the underarms can show up as a condition known as acanthosis nigricans in people who have a genetic predisposition towards diabetes. In this condition, a dark, velvety pigmentation is formed on the back of the neck and often in the underarms. If you too notice it on your skin, it is best to get yourself checked by a doctor who can run tests to figure out if it is indeed a case of diabetes or a skin problem. With timely care and control on food choices like avoiding high-glycemic and foods high in sugar, diabetes can be prevented and brought under control.

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To get rid of the velvety and dark pigmentations, dermatologists often recommend alpha-hydroxy acids or topical retinoids or at times chemical peels and laser therapy after careful observation of the condition.

Many people also try home remedies like rubbing lemon juice or massaging the area with coconut oil which has high vitamin E content to lighten their underarms or rubbing slices of potato and cucumber which have a bleaching effect on the skin. While these might work for some, it is always a good idea to get it checked by either a dermatologist or doctor who can understand the underlying cause of the darkening if it persists for a long time.

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