Curly Hair Will Never Be A Mess If Styled Well: Hair Stylist Shares Tips To Manage Coils And Waves

Curly Hair Will Never Be A Mess If Styled Well: Hair Stylist Shares Tips To Manage Coils And Waves
The notion is wrong that one must frequently brush the curly hair.

Aga explained that overbrushing curly hair can open up the neatly styled clumped curls and make the hair frizzy

Written by Kashish Sharma |Updated : January 27, 2023 12:02 AM IST

Just like you might be having a skincare routine, it is equally important for you to have a hair routine as well. One must know that hair has many biological and social functions. You might be blessed with straight hair or curly hair but whatever your hair type may be, it is yours and you must take care of it like any other part of the body.

This article aims to provide some insight into the specific care routine your curly-shaped hair might require. When we say curly hair, it too can be of many types and the hair fibres can differ in shape including twists, coils, waves and others. Though a hair follicle might undergo many structural changes throughout life they are usually S-shaped. However curvy follicles might always regrow curvy.

Since we all differ in hairstyles, there are many questions or queries that might be specific to a certain kind. How to brush the hair, what must be the wash frequency, should conditioners be used or not are a few exemplary concerns.

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Yuba Aga is a certified hairstylist and a curly hair expert. A dentist by profession, she is also the co-founder of the hair-product brand Manetain. Aga identifies her purpose in helping people to embrace their natural hair. In her conversation with the Health site, Aga shared some tips on how to naturally manage curly hair.

Frequent combing is a big no for curly locks

Aga said that curly hair must only be combed or brushed during styling or just before a person is about to go for a hair wash.

"The purpose of brushing is to detangle the hair knots. Hence it can be done right before you do your shampoo or while you might be styling your hair. Brushing can lead to hair breakage especially when the hair is dry. Hence, the notion is wrong that one must frequently brush the curly hair," said Aga.

She explained that overbrushing curly hair can open up the neatly styled clumped curls and make the hair frizzy.

Aga informed that while brushing curly hair, one must start from the bottom and then gradually go up, making soft strokes and applying less pressure on the brush or comb.

Can go well for 3 to 4 days without shampoo

Aga said that if people are styling their curly hair well with gels and moisture-retaining solutions, then they can freely open their curly hair for up to three days.

"If you are putting effort into styling your curly hair well, detangling them well and keeping them together using accessories like clips and ribbons, you will be able to keep your hair open for up to three days. I would recommend washing your curly hair on the fourth day. One must also take care of the scalp health apart from the locks," said the curly hair expert.

Don't 'blow-fry' your natural hair

Aga shared that though it might look attractive to change your hairstyle very often but one must understand that at what cost we might be doing it using heat styling tools.

The curly hair expert said: "In my profession, we call it blow frying and not blow dry. Heat is bound to damage your eventually. After years of exploitation, you can see the effect on your hair volume and texture. We must learn to embrace our natural hair and efforts must be put to manage and embrace them effectively."

Curly hair is not a mess if styled well

Aga informed that the reason why curly hair might be messy for some people could be that many of them might be struggling to find the right technique to manage them well.

"The time and efforts we might put in straightening our hair, we can put the same into styling our natural curly hair. Properly styled curly hair won't ever be a problem. They can totally hassle-free," she said.

The hair stylist informed that curly hair might seem messier if the curls are not properly kept or if one might be requiring a nice hair cut. She also attacked the notion that straight hair might make face look thin.

She said: "Nicely put together and well cut layers can never look bad on anybody's face. Your hair volume might change but texture and shape remains same more or less. Hence, if your hair looks messy, see if you might need a hair cut or you need better styling. Also, for people who might be conscious of their face structure and size, curly hair can cover those areas about which you might be a little insecure. Unlike straight hair, curly hair cover more of your facial surface area."

Tie them gently

Aga informed that with curly hair it is advisable that minimum friction must be caused especially when they are dry. She recommended that soft satin ribbons or scrunchies must be used for curly hair that might not cause any hair breakage.

Conditioners are a must for curly hair

Aga explained that owing to the shape of the curly hair follicle, the natural nourishing secretions of the scalp cells are unable to be unevenly distributed across the hair. Hence, curly hair are at a greater risk of becoming dry and itchy. Talking about parents who might be having straight textured hair and who often style their kids who might be having curly locks, the expert shared some insight.

"Conditioners are a must for curly hair. They are biologically more prone to dryness and if not taken care, it can lead to scalp problems. However, care must be taken that the products you choose must have lower levels of silicon and sulphates that can increase the build-up on scalp and can affect your hair quality. You can also go for leave-in conditioners that need not to be washed off and will keep your hair moist even after you are done with shampoo. It might also help to detangle the hair without breakage and for children you could just put together all their hair in nice clumps or make a pony with soft scrunchies. You might also need an extra layer of protection in the form of a gel or serum that can retain the moisture," the expert said.

Avoid oil massaging if possible or limit it

Aga explained that our scalps release natural nourishing oil and adding extra oil can lead to more build-up and dryness.

She said: "We apply oil or vigorously massage our hair to provide it nourishment. What we don't realize is that our scalp already secretes the nourishment and when we add large quantity of oil externally, this will result in building up of sebum. This will further require very strong shampoos containing undesirable chemicals to get rid of the sebum. These shampoos will make our hair all the more dry and will take away the moisture. Hence, we might create more trouble than good. I would recommend that people must limit the oiling session to just one day in a week and also the quantity of the oil applied must also be brought down."